AI Research and Development Trends in 2023 and Beyond Released

AI Research and Development Trends in and Beyond Published
AI Research and Development Trends in 2023 and Beyond Released

📩 13/07/2023 12:40

GOOINN Innovation, which ensures the establishment of the innovation culture required for companies to design innovative digital products, the realization of ideas developed with in-house entrepreneurship with the right steps and their global commercialization, this month's industry reports reveal the Artificial Intelligence (AI) market, which has experienced very important breakthroughs in recent years, future trends and usage. areas covered in depth.

Today, artificial intelligence technologies continue to evolve rapidly, with integration into various aspects of our lives. In the 2023 Artificial Intelligence Report, all the developments in artificial intelligence, explainable artificial intelligence, artificial intelligence ethics and new limits of robotic artificial intelligence were mentioned.

“The market will rise to $2030 trillion in 2”

According to GOOINN's 2023 Artificial Intelligence Report, the size of the global artificial intelligence market was evaluated as 2022 billion dollars in 428. This market is expected to increase to 2023 billion dollars in 515,21 and to approximately 2030 trillion dollars in 2.

“Anyone will have access to datasets”

While AI is proving to be an important revolutionary factor in the digital age, large companies are working to make AI more accessible in corporate life. In addition, various companies are leveraging artificial intelligence technology to provide a better customer experience.

According to GOOINN's 2023 Artificial Intelligence Report, one of the most important factors driving the pace of AI innovation has been access to historical datasets. Today, as data storage and retrieval becomes more affordable, healthcare facilities and government agencies are making unstructured data more accessible. Next-generation computing systems, which provide access to rich data sets, enable informatics and researchers to innovate faster.

On the other hand, developments in deep learning and neural networking are also facilitating the adoption of artificial intelligence in many sectors such as aviation, medicine, manufacturing and automotive. Neural network helps to identify similar patterns and provide stable solutions. Neural network replaces traditional machine learning systems to develop accurate and precise versions. The report also states that it is expected that new machine learning techniques will be used to train AI versions and change the way they are used.

“It will benefit the industries by transforming it with automation”

Artificial intelligence pushes the limits of how computer systems work to improve people's lives, allowing machines to act naturally and perform many of the tasks humans do on a daily basis. Therefore, AI is defined as an advanced version of next-generation advances and developments that result in end-to-end automation of various complex processes, thereby reducing human error.

According to the report, artificial intelligence supported systems; Reducing human errors, automating repetitive tasks and processes, handling big data seamlessly, facilitating rapid decision making, acting as a digital assistant, performing dangerous tasks effectively, helping to improve processes and workflows, providing medical application support and full-time It will continue to transform a number of sectors with increasing momentum with the advantages it offers in ways such as working.

The usage areas of artificial intelligence are; Virtual Assistant or Chatbots, Agriculture and Farming, Autopilot Systems, Shopping and Fashion, Security, Sports Activities, Manufacturing, Stock and Inventory Management, Driverless Cars, Healthcare and Medical Imaging Analysis, Warehousing and Logistics Supply Chain. is stated to be in the range.

AI Trends in 2023 and Beyond will be accessible to everyone

Artificial intelligence will reach its full potential if it is accessible to everyone and every company and organization can benefit from it. Fortunately, in 2023 this will be easier than ever. A growing number of applications are making the usefulness of AI available to everyone, regardless of their level of expertise. This will be as simple as content suggestions that reduce the amount of information needed to look at or write emails to apps, emails that allow us to create advanced visualizations and reports at the touch of a mouse.

You will be able to make your own application according to the need.

If there is no application that can perform the function you want, it will become increasingly easier to make your own application at this point. The number of no-code and low-code stages that evolve becomes much more important if you don't know how to code.

Creative AI tools will increase

A burgeoning segment of science is committed to creating artificial intelligence tools and applications, which we call creative AI, that can emulate creativity, one of the hallmarks of any skill set. In 3, we will see creative AI (like GPT-2023) increasingly used by businesses to create engineering insights that can be used for all kinds of purposes.

In the GOOINN report, in which the most important terms in artificial intelligence such as Chatbot, Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Neural Network were investigated in detail, popular artificial intelligence examples such as Inodash Open AI and startups in Turkey were examined.