'6 Months and 6 Thousand Kilometers Limit' Extended and Extended in Automobile Sales

'Month and Thousand Kilometer Limit' in Automobile Sales Extended and Expanded
'6 Months and 6 Thousand Kilometers Limit' Extended and Expanded in Automobile Sales

📩 21/06/2023 13:07

The Ministry of Commerce announced that the implementation period of the regulation on the "6 months and 6 thousand kilometers" restriction in the automotive sector has been extended for 1 months until January 2024, 6.

The statement made by the Ministry is as follows: “We are pleased with the positive developments in production, employment, exports and sales in the automotive sector, which is one of the strongest sectors in our country. However, in order to prevent the exorbitant price formations and unfair commercial practices that have taken place against the supply-demand balance in our automotive sector for the last few months, and to re-establish a competitive, fair and stable market structure, to ensure regular functioning in the purchase and sale of motor vehicles, we have cooperated with our Ministry of Commerce. Comprehensive meetings were held at the Ministry of Commerce on 19 June 2023 with automotive manufacturers and distributors, authorized dealers and car dealership representatives, which are authorized institutions of the automotive industry.

Within the scope of combating stocking and exorbitant price practices carried out by some companies in automotive purchases and sales, in addition to the intensive inspection measures we have carried out so far, additional measures must be taken by our Ministry of Commerce to eliminate practices that cause unfair gains and consumer grievances, taking into account the opinions of automotive sector representatives. has become.

In this context;

1- The implementation period of the regulation regarding the "6 months and 6 thousand kilometers" restriction, which is considered to be beneficial in the fight against excessive and exorbitant price increases, stockpiling and some unfair commercial practices in the automotive sector, has been extended for 1 months until January 2024, 6.

2- All individual sales that are considered to be commercial activities will be regularly audited by our Ministry within the scope of the '6 months-6 thousand kilometers' restriction regulation, and administrative fines will be imposed on these sellers in case of violation of the legislation. In addition, the records of the aforementioned sales and the audit results will be regularly shared with the Ministry of Treasury and Finance in order to ensure the taxation of unregistered earnings.

3- Measures will be taken to eliminate the exorbitant prices in second-hand motor land vehicle advertisements on the internet.

4- Our Ministry of Commerce will continue to carry out intensive inspections regarding the 6-month 6-kilometer restriction, as well as the practices that lead to exorbitant prices in motor land vehicle sales at the level of authorized dealers, car dealerships and individual sellers.
In this context, a total of 35 million 110 thousand 527 TL administrative fines have been imposed on businesses that set up transactions contrary to the marketing and sales restrictions.

In addition, within the scope of stocking practices, an administrative fine of 2021 million 2022 thousand 15 TL was imposed on 8 authorized dealers in 292 and 360, and a total of 4 million 17 thousand 834 TL was imposed on 400 authorized dealers last May, who were found to be in practices that made it difficult for consumers to access new mileage vehicles; In June, it was decided to impose an administrative fine of 10 million 49 thousand 44 TL to 600 authorized dealers who were found to be demanding a price above the list price of the vehicle or forcing customers to buy accessories. In addition, second-hand motor land vehicle trade authorization certificates of 4 authorized dealers, for which administrative fines were imposed, were revoked. Thus, as a result of the inspections carried out against stocking activities, the Unfair Price Evaluation Board has decided to impose an administrative fine of 75 million 171 thousand 360 TL in total to date.”