68 percent of Kartepe Cable Car Project Completed

Percent of Kartepe Cable Car Project Completed
68 percent of Kartepe Cable Car Project Completed

📩 14/06/2023 11:46

Work continues at full speed in the Kartepe Cable Car Project, where Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality has turned a 50-year-old dream into reality. Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tahir Büyükakın examined the Kartepe Cable Car Project, where Kocaeli and tourists will reach the summit of the Samandağları by watching the İzmit Bay and Sapanca Lake at the same time, and received information about the works. Mayor Büyükakın was accompanied by Kartepe Mayor Mustafa Kocaman and AK Party Kartepe District President Sadık Yılmaz. Regarding the project, which is a short time away from meeting with the citizens, President Büyükakın said, “We are making Kocaeli an incredible tourism destination.”


Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality is preparing to offer a unique view to the citizens with the Kartepe Cable Car Project, which will reach Kuzuyayla from Derbent. The project is carried out with intense work. Chairman Büyükakın, who examined these works on site and made statements here, said that all the works continued without any interruption in the work program. Expressing that the people of Kocaeli will achieve their 50-year dream, Mayor Büyükakın said, “We will have the opportunity to watch this natural wonder together with the guests from the surrounding provinces. When you look to the right at certain points of the line, you will see Sapanca Lake, and when you look to the left, you will see the Gulf of Izmit, the point where the Marmara Sea ends. You will also be accompanied by a wonderful forest view. Kocaeli will become an incredible tourism destination.” Expressing that Kartepe is a very important point of the city in terms of tourism potential, Mayor Büyükakın said that both the economy and social life will be activated with the cable car project.


In line with the meticulous work program of the Metropolitan Municipality, the installation of Derbent Station, which is the first leg of the Kartepe Cable Car Line, has been completed. At Kuzuyayla Station, steel anchor plates and anchorage assemblies have been completed. The production of raising curtains continues. While the concrete of the 8 pillar foundations was poured, the production of columns for the pillars no. 10 and 11 was started. Progress was 68 percent.


In terms of tourism, it will be an attraction center that works in both summer and winter, and the cable car line that will run between Derbent and Kartepe will be 4 thousand 695 meters long. The system will consist of a single rope, detachable terminal and cabins for 10 people. In the cable car project, which will include 2 stations, 73 cabins will serve.


The elevation distance on the cable car line with a capacity of 500 people per hour will be 90 meters. Accordingly, the starting level will be 331 meters and the arrival level will be 1421 meters. The cable car line, where the distance between the two stations will be exceeded in 14 minutes, will take the citizens on a magnificent nature tour.