Special Discovery Area for Children at Istanbul Modern

Special Discovery Area for Children at Istanbul Modern
Special Discovery Area for Children at Istanbul Modern

The Discovery Space, specially designed by Istanbul Modern for children, aims to introduce children to the artists who have shaped the development of art in the world and in Turkey, and their creative processes, with the creative learning environment and educational programs it offers.

The Discovery Area, sponsored by HSBC, hosts two educational programs a year for children and their families based on the productions of artists.

The first training program is inspired by Fahrelnissa Zeid, one of the pioneers of Turkish modern art and one of the first representatives of abstract art in our country. The program called “In Zeid's World” is based on the artist's artworks in Istanbul Modern's collection exhibition.

The Discovery Area education program, which is organized free of charge for educational institutions on weekdays, aims to introduce children to Fahrelnissa Zeid and to give them the artistic experience that will help them interpret her art. The program invites its participants to play with images that introduce the artist's imagination and to discover sources of inspiration. Describing their emotions like an artist, children gain new perspectives and develop their creativity.

The Discovery Area developed by the Istanbul Modern Education and Social Projects Department is the venue of the training program “In Zeid's World”, SO? It was designed by Architecture and Fikriyat. In the program, which includes five different art practices, children observe the relationship between light and color, create compositions with color areas, and develop perspectives by producing forms.

In the application called “Portrait with Magnifiers”, children discover a working method that prioritizes expressiveness while learning the concept of portrait. In the application “Lines and Colors” they create an abstract painting. They interpret the relationship of colors by creating and coloring spaces with lines. “Play with Light” focuses on the relationship between light and color. Starting from natural forms in the “Trace of Time” application, children make shapes on the sand. In the last step of the application called “Point of View”, they examine the composition they have produced by looking at the bird's eye view with the relationship between color and depth.

Equal opportunity in education

HSBC Retail Banking and Savings Management Deputy General Manager Ayşe Yenel said:

“In this context, we signed an important collaboration with Istanbul Modern, Turkey's first modern and contemporary art museum. We are bringing art education together with children by sponsoring the Discovery Area of ​​this valuable art museum.”

Yenel continued by emphasizing that in the Discovery Area, which offers free art education, children will dream, discover art and develop their creativity by playing games:

“In the first education programme, we bring children together with the art and imagination of Fahrelnissa Zeid. Children will discover the artist's sources of inspiration. They will embody their observations and learnings by interpreting them in different colors and forms from their own perspectives. We are happy to help hundreds of children gain creative experiences by bringing together different perspectives of art in this creative learning space that we sponsor.”