Hello Space's First Test Pocket Satellite 'Istanbul' Launched into Space

Hello Space's First Test Pocket Satellite 'Istanbul' Launched into Space
Hello Space's First Test Pocket Satellite 'Istanbul' Launched into Space

📩 13/06/2023 16:40

Hello Space's first test pocket satellite named 'Istanbul' was launched into space on 8 June 13 as the only Turkish satellite sent with SpaceX's Transporter-2023 mission.

Hello Space, Turkey's first and the world's third commercial mobile satellite initiative, is preparing to provide uninterrupted, end-to-end IoT data service with the pocket satellite constellation network it will establish in space. Hello Space's first test pocket satellite 'Istanbul' became the only Turkish satellite launched into space during the SpaceX Transporter-8 mission. The Istanbul pocket satellite, produced in the pocket qube standard, the world's newest and smallest satellite standard, with a size of 5cm x 5cm x 5cm, draws attention as the first Turkish satellite that can fit in a palm. Istanbul, whose software and hardware are made in Turkey, will be tracked from the Hello Space ground station located at Ankara University Kreiken Observatory.

Software and hardware production was completed in just 1 year, launched into space

Hello Space was founded in May 2022 as a satellite technologies startup. 13 months after its establishment, it completed the software and hardware production of Istanbul, the first test satellite in mobile satellite technology, which is a brand new technology for the world. Istanbul was launched into space by SpaceX's Falcon8 rocket from California with the Transporter-9 mission. Hello Space Ground Station, which is positioned as the team-satellite network management and control center in parallel with the production process, became operational at Ankara University Kreiken Observatory in Ankara.

Hello Space Co-Founder and CEO Muzaffer Duysal; “While the production and delivery time of a satellite is 2-2.5 years on average, we have reduced this period to an unprecedented 1 year worldwide, with our knowledge in pocket satellite technologies, which is a brand new technology, and the power of our team. With the team-satellite network that we will establish in a short time, we aim to become a global enterprise that provides end-to-end, uninterrupted narrowband data services in sectors such as logistics, agriculture and production from all over the world, including oceans and drylands, where data tracking is difficult today. Istanbul is the first satellite of our initiative, we are very excited for its launch.” said.

Satellite coverage is coming to the Internet of Things (IoT)

Thanks to its highly advanced narrowband data communication technology, Hello Space will provide uninterrupted and reliable data service in the maritime, agriculture, logistics, energy and manufacturing industries by providing worldwide coverage from space. Hello Space, which will be able to offer IoT services even in remote areas with low human density and in the oceans, which are out of the coverage area with existing technologies, for example, location from ocean containers, humidity and temperature from uncovered agricultural lands, end-to-end stable and accurate through satellite technologies. can increase efficiency.

His teammates' names were also sent to space

The Hello Space team placed the names of their colleagues inside the test satellite “Istanbul” with special software. Along with Istanbul, the names of the employees will also take their place in space.

4 more satellites on the way after Istanbul

Satellite startup Hello Space will create a constellation network with the pocket satellites it plans to launch into space. After the launch of Istanbul, the first test satellite of the team-satellite network target, Hello Space is preparing to send 4 new test satellites. Hello Space plans to send the other 4 test satellites into space in October.