Bodrum's Historical, Cultural and Local Values ​​Should Be Highlighted

Bodrum's Historical, Cultural and Local Values ​​Should Be Highlighted

📩 16/06/2023 10:41

Stating that Bodrum has very important local values ​​in terms of culture, history and gastronomy, Girgin said that the city has much more potential than the sea, sand and sun triangle. Underlining that Bodrum, one of the most important tourism destinations of the world, has a very valuable historical heritage, Yiğit Girgin said, “What you offer to a tourist coming to our country apart from the hotel and the sea is very important. Bodrum is home to the Halicarnassus Mausoleum, one of the 7 wonders of the world. Just the fact that this mausoleum is restored and brought to the city makes the eyes of the world turn on us. As an institution that cares about local values ​​and our cultural heritage, we exhibit a replica of the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus for our guests in the lobby of our hotel. The architecture reflecting the Aegean culture, the structure of its people, olive oil, vineyards, lavender fields and local flavors brought to the city by the municipality are the important pluses of our city. The world's largest underwater museum is also on display in Bodrum Castle. We host our guests 12 months of the year in the Bodrium, located on the Iskender the Great Street, next to the historical Myndos gate, where it is rumored that Alexander the Great, who has an important place in history, entered the city.



Giving the information that they offer a city hotel concept that appeals to Bodrum in general, Girgin continued his words as follows: “The ancient city next to us and its surroundings have been restored. The area where Bodrum is located also became a center of attraction. Our hotel in Bodrum, next to the ancient Myndos gate and the city walls, is located at a special point with its unique architecture and decoration. Our doors are open for 12 months. Bodrum offers opportunities to experience history, gastronomy, natural tourism, and other local riches. We thought about how we can be more beneficial to Bodrum. We sponsor with a sense of social responsibility. We follow the industry closely. We participate in national and international fairs and promote and follow the trends. Bodrum is an important brand; We continue our efforts to bring both our hotel and Bodrum together with more people”


Yiğit Girgin stated that destination marketing is very important for directing Bodrum tourism and that a search conference was held on this subject and said, “The search conference held in order to direct the future of the city and draw a route will have important results. When the outputs as a report are examined, a realistic picture will appear before us. The important thing here is to implement this treatment rather than to determine the treatment. Local administrators of the city, non-governmental organizations, business people and other important actors have to meet on a common ground for the same purpose. While the winter population of the city was 90-100 thousand, this figure increased to 500 thousand after the pandemic. Since people's residences are in different cities, the registered figure is much lower. The city has deficiencies in terms of infrastructure and superstructure. Currently, our city has another 40 percent zoning area. What kind of consequences will Bodrum's growth have on the city? They need to be planned. Bodrum's local riches and urban fabric should be embraced more”

Basement room replica


Noting that the bed capacity of the city is around 90 thousand, Girgin said that Bodrum hosted 60 thousand tourists from 950 countries last year.

Yiğit Girgin continued his words as follows: “This figure can double even with 60% occupancy. For this, we need to determine a holistic marketing strategy in the city. The tourism season should be extended to 12 months in terms of quality, service and personnel continuity. Different tourism alternatives should be created to attract people to the city throughout the year. We are in a good position in terms of facility, service quality and price. However, recent economic conditions have begun to weaken our competitiveness in terms of price. Currently, Bodrum's bed capacity is around 90 thousand, according to official figures. The landlords here rent their houses on a seasonal basis. We do not know the capacity of secondary housing. The state cannot collect taxes, there is a security gap. The hotel industry and other investors are also adversely affected. Bodrum is a more niche market. The bed and breakfast concept is common. This is also very important for the development of local tradesmen. Tourists in Bodrum spend more than Türkiye's average. I think it's an average of 1 billion dollars. With the emergence of Bodrum's true potential, it is possible that this number will be much higher.”


Providing service within the body of Bodrium Hotel & SPA, Tyro Italiano Pizzeria Ristorante welcomes its guests with Italian and Turkish delicacies.

Right next to the world-famous historical Myndos Gate in Bodrum and on the Büyük İskender Caddesi, Tyro is assertive about pizza, one of the first flavors that come to mind when Italian cuisine is mentioned.

Stating that everything is in season and mainly bought and used from local producers,

Yiğit Girgin, General Manager of Bodrium Hotel & SPA, said, “Although we are loyal to Italian flavors, we constantly strengthen our menu with new flavors. You can now find wonderful mushrooms freshly picked from the mountains by Süleyman Yıldırım, one of Bodrum's local mushroom hunters, on our menu. Körek mushroom, which is both delicious and a source of healing, is a mushroom species known as King mushroom in the kitchen of chefs in Turkey, king oyster in the kitchen of chefs abroad, and Pleurotus Eryngii among mycologists. We leave new tastes on the palate with our Korek mushroom pizza, one of the most important local flavors of Bodrum.”


Providing service within the body of Bodrium Hotel & SPA, Ianua SPA offers health and beauty services under one roof with the slogan of 'discover yourself'.

General Manager Yiğit Girgin emphasized that Ianua SPA, which provides service with its expert staff, is open to the service of all Bodrum residents.

Yiğit Girgin stated that Bodrium Hotel & SPA is located next to the ancient gate of the city and they chose the name of the SPA center as “Ianua”, which means door in Latin, and said, “We wanted to create a SPA for both hotel guests and Bodrum. We are starting to offer different services under one roof in order to be a meeting point. Ianua SPA has massage, Turkish bath, steam room, sauna and fitness, but all of our masseuses come from the Far East. In the Ianua SPA center, together with fitness trainer Onur Yıldırım, we also provide services to our guests in terms of healthier and proper nutrition, such as a healthy life, wellbeing and detox, and soon we will bring our guests together in the center of the city with our yoga & pilates programs.”