'ArtIstanbul Feshane' Entered the Service of Istanbuls and World Heritage

'ArtIstanbul Feshane' Entered the Service of Istanbuls and World Heritage
'ArtIstanbul Feshane' Entered the Service of Istanbuls and World Heritage

📩 23/06/2023 10:42

IMM Heritage teams affiliated to the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) Cultural Heritage Department completed the first phase of a new restoration that will add value to the city's cultural and artistic life. As a result of the meticulous work of İBB Heritage teams, Feshane, a historical building of nearly 200 years, has once again entered the service of Istanbuls and world heritage under the name "ArtIstanbul Feshane". ArtIstanbul Feshane; IMM President Ekrem İmamoğluopened its doors to art lovers with the participation of Adana Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Zeydan Karalar, Mersin Metropolitan Mayor Vahap Seçer and former İBB President Ali Müfit Gürtuna and a large group of guests. At the opening, Maria Rose as the youngest exhibition artist, art critic, writer and contemporary art curator Beral Madra, İBB Deputy Secretary General Mahir Polat and İmamoğlu made speeches.


Expressing his gratitude to every person, institution and organization that contributed to the re-transformation of ArtIstanbul Feshane, İmamoğlu said, “Istanbul is a very different and special city. Being able to rule Istanbul definitely starts with placing it in the position of being a sacred trust. We are a team that feels the responsibility of the ancient history of this city all on us. And we never remove this feeling from our souls at any moment. These are special and noble feelings and they always push us towards the right path. Istanbul's love can be expressed with different emotions in contemporary life. But our feelings do not have them. So some emotions do not occupy us too much; We do not carry feelings such as zoning rent, coupon land and so on in our souls. We care about the concept of inheritance. When my friends brought me a brand called 'İBB Heritage', I was very impressed. It is also important for this brand to reach the place it deserves today. Of course, heritage is important, but it is important if you protect it and protect it. God forbid if you act like heirs. Of course, this attitude and style can sometimes cause a lot of loss to the city. Contrary to their point of view, we have prepared and continue to prepare the truly forgotten areas of the city, or some of the interrupted, lost, perhaps put on hold with other emotions, for the future with meticulous work.”


"When we look at Istanbul, we see a unique world heritage, an invaluable ancestral heirloom," said İmamoğlu.

“We are making the journey of this heritage, this heirloom, to bring this heirloom to 16 million Istanbulites, in the most correct way and in a way that meets the most appropriate needs, in this city. We also look for the existence of historical and cultural continuity, that in fact, Istanbul can give you all kinds of opportunities. Historical Lighthouses, Historical Land Walls, Basilica Cistern, Botter Apartments, Metro Han, Saint Pierre Inn, Gulhane Cistern, Library Trolleybus, Cendere Art Museum, Museum Gazhane, Haydarhane Mosque, Seyyid Velayet Tomb, Anadolu Hisarı, very soon Rumeli Hisarı, Taş Mektep and others… I really see how a lost place at every moment warms people when it comes back to life. These; restoring it, putting an end to its neglected derelict state, it gains an incredible spirit when it meets with Istanbulites. So I think everyone can feel the presence of a healing spirit here. I am proud to add Feshane to this beautiful list today.”


Emphasizing that the Golden Horn has reached a very special process with the re-opening of Feshane, İmamoğlu said, “We finished the tram that we started from scratch and passed here a little while ago, by dismantling almost three kilometers from the Golden Horn, which was unfortunately incomplete due to a wrong project. With the end of this tram, the last one kilometer of which will reach Eminönü Square at the end of August, we have brought a new generation, sparkling, green area of ​​approximately 800 thousand square meters to Istanbul in this field. Of course, while making this possible, we have given very different art spaces, new art spaces, new activities and cultural spaces to Istanbul, both on the Balat side and on the Kasımpaşa side, with the help of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. Our Water Sports Center, which we opened just in front of us last week, has become a very special point of providing sports opportunities to this precious geography of Istanbul, that is, to this geography that we describe as the 'Golden Horn'. Also in this section, we are making the Golden Horn a meeting point with history, art and culture from all sides, with the addition of the works done by a private institution called 'Shipyard Golden Horn'.

The "mapping" show held after İmamoğlu's speech created a visual feast in the Golden Horn skies. Opening; It ended with the concert of jazz artist, pianist and composer Kerem Görsev.


Feshane, one of the touristic centers of Istanbul, has a 200-year-old historical building, a biennial area, temporary exhibition areas, a store, conference hall, library and cafe on an area of ​​8000 square meters. At the opening of ArtIstanbul Feshane, which will carry the cultural and artistic activities concentrated in certain centers of the city to the shores of the Golden Horn, the exhibition “Starting from the Middle”, featuring the works of 300 artists, met with art lovers. ArtIstanbul Feshane appears as an industrial heritage reflecting the gedik tradition in the Ottoman period. In other words, it is seen that it is an important link in the transition to the factory system, which includes both traditional production and mass production. Therefore, the most important development of the weaving and clothing industry in the Ottoman Empire is the establishment of Feshane-i Amire.