Audi Brand Becomes the Best in Turkey in After Sales Services

Audi Brand Becomes the Best in Turkey in After Sales Services
Audi Brand Becomes the Best in Turkey in After Sales Services

📩 03/04/2023 12:59

According to the after-sales customer satisfaction survey conducted between Audi and competitor brand vehicle users in Turkey – IACS results, Audi Turkey won the first place with its service and after-sales services.

The results of the IACS (International Aftersales Customer Satisfaction) after-sales services customer satisfaction survey conducted by Audi AG in major European markets in the Euro Zone have been announced.

In the research, which included individual customers with 6 months to 10 years of service experience from Audi and its competitors, the participants were asked their opinions about the service and after-sales services of the brands. Audi Turkey, leaving all its competitors behind at the end of the research, was chosen first with its service and after-sales services.

The research results, which are determined entirely by the thoughts of the vehicle owners, are also important in terms of revealing the understanding of increasing the quality in service and after-sales services, which is among the top business strategies of Audi Turkey.

Education for progressive service: the quattro Class

Providing service with 47 authorized service points throughout Turkey, Audi Turkey continues its professional and personal development trainings for service personnel without interruption. Audi Turkey renewed the training class at the Headquarters as the quattro class in order to fulfill the requirements of digital transformation and to increase the skills and abilities of its employees.

In addition to face-to-face trainings, augmented reality supported and online trainings of all employees are carried out with different scenarios and cases close to reality. quattro class; In addition to technical and non-technical trainings, it prepares our employees for different scenarios thanks to its smart systems and AR technology. The high-resolution image systems in the class also make it possible to evaluate the situation live and to produce fast solutions. In addition, it is possible to benefit from the flow of information about the cases by being included in global education programs.