Is Clarinetist Hüsnü Şençiler Sick, How Is His Health?

Clarinetist Husnu Senlenen Is Sick? How Is His Health?
Is Clarinetist Hüsnü Şençiler Sick, What Is His Health?

📩 09/04/2023 13:42

Clarinetist and host of the 'Songs Tell Us' program Hüsnü Şeneğin shared a post on his social media account. After this sharing, the health status of people who loved Şenlenen was very curious. Explaining that he was diagnosed with cancer, Şençiler also gave information about his general health status.

 Is Hüsnü Şençiler Cancer?

Clarinetist and host of the 'Songs Tell Us' program, 46-year-old Hüsnü Şenlenmeyer had recently announced that he had been diagnosed with bowel cancer. After the operation, the artist also gave information about his health. Expressing that he had undergone an operation in his statements, Hüsnü Şenlenen stated that he would also participate in the "Songs Tell Us" program on the screens with Hakan Altun and Sibel Can.

How is the Clarinetist Hüsnü Şençiler Health?

After being extremely curious about the health status of Şençiler, he said on his social media account, "My dear friends, friends, lovers... I had an operation with the advice of my doctors after my routine checkups last week. My health is fine, I will be in the hospital for a few more days for control purposes. Thank you very much to each of you for your well wishes. After a short break, I will meet my fans both on the screens and at my concerts," he also talked about his health status.

It was also stated that Şençiler, who is married and has two children, had an operation in a private hospital and 11 cm of his intestine was removed.