IMM Continues to Strengthen Istanbul Against Earthquake

IBB Continues to Strengthen Istanbul Against Earthquake
IMM Continues to Strengthen Istanbul Against Earthquake

📩 10/04/2023 12:18

İBB subsidiaries KİPTAŞ, İstanbul Reconstruction and BİMTAŞ, within the scope of the 'Istanbul Renewal' platform, demolished the İşbank Members Site in Bakırköy, applause of the citizens and the candidate for the Vice President of the İBB President and the Nation Alliance. Ekrem İmamoğlucarried out in his testimony.


Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) continued the transformation of risky structures within the scope of the 'Istanbul Renewal' platform with the İşbank Members Site in Bakırköy Zuhuratbaba District. IMM President and Nation Alliance's Vice President candidate, who came to the demolition area under the intense interest of the right holders Ekrem İmamoğluA colorful meeting with Yunus Atalar, the 100-year-old landlord, who is also a graduate of Trabzon High School. sohbet performed. During the demolition, İmamoğlu was accompanied by Bakırköy Mayor Bülent Kerimoğlu and Küçükçekme Mayor Kemal Çebi. Making statements to the press before the demolition, İmamoğlu gave the first word to KİPTAŞ General Manager Ali Kurt to explain the process.


Saying, “We are now in the Yücetarla parcel of Bakırköy İş Bankası Members Site,” Kurt shared the following information with the public:

“We have agreed 100 percent here. We are starting the demolition of 54 buildings today. Nearly 220 of our citizens were living. Unfortunately, there is a building stock that has not benefited from engineering services. There is an Incirli parcel right next to it. There we are at 61 percent. We want to settle there quickly. Our goal is; to start the demolition and groundbreaking operations there in two to three months. We're starting the demolition here today. About the end of this month, we will probably lay our foundation. Here, we provide our tenants with 25 thousand liras of transportation assistance and 10 thousand liras of rental assistance per flat, and we solved this completely in the financing of this project. It is a business that we manage with our own resources, without any support from the Ministry. We are happy that we are 100 percent in agreement, that our citizens trust us. I hope we can reach the same consensus in İncirli parcel. We are in the last 4 people there. Once we get the 2/3, we'll quickly start on the field. We have approached 1800 in the number of independent units we have demolished so far. At the moment, we have become the management that produces the most solutions in the history of KİPTAŞ in risky structures. There are 450 more structures that we will demolish in 2,5 months, and we will catch 2 in this period.”


Speaking after Kurt's statements, İmamoğlu also used the following statements:

“In just 25 years, we have surpassed the number of independent sections in urban transformation or buildings that carry such risks, which KIPTAŞ did in the previous 4 years. We show sensitivity. Today, here, within the borders of Bakırköy, we are transforming an old building that has to be subject to urban transformation, and unfortunately, a building that is now in a risky building problem; 54 independent units. Of course, the message we want to convey here is this. One; we identify these structures. We're going over the issue. We cooperate with our district municipalities. Here we are in Bakırköy today. We are the mayor of Bakırköy. We will be in Küçükçekmece tomorrow with our President. In other municipalities, we are attentive to such structures. We want to make these demolitions as soon as possible and to restore our people to healthy structures as soon as possible. This is the main issue of Istanbul. So we have to address this issue.”


Stating that they met with citizens living in hundreds of buildings and independent sections, İmamoğlu said, “We will have demolished more than 400 independent units in the near future. But we cannot solve this issue on our own, even if we wanted to. We encourage our people here. Agree right away. Because this is also the work of the free market, but also of course the work of contractors. compromise. We act as a little more collateral in places where there is no compromise and where there is trouble, and we carry out these demolitions with the help of KİPTAŞ and the institutions of our Metropolitan Municipality. Look, do you know what 2 thousand 200 independent sections mean? In other words, when you multiply these structures that we have destroyed and the structures that we have transformed, it means about 9 thousand people. In other words, you guarantee the lives of 9-10 thousand people. We experienced an earthquake and after this great pain in our 11 cities, we are obliged to look at this issue together as the first issue of our nation and to resolve the process. While constructing new buildings, we also have to transform the process with structures with more character and identity that are both permanent and durable and will serve for the next 100 years. This is the journey we're looking at. We will never give up on this," he said.

After the statements, the demolition proceeded under the applause of the citizens. It was noteworthy that some citizens recorded the demolition of their houses on video.