GHO Brings Investment Opportunities in Cyprus to Turkey

GHO Brings Investment Opportunities in Cyprus to Turkey
GHO Brings Investment Opportunities in Cyprus to Turkey

📩 07/04/2023 11:10

A group of 40 people consisting of Real Estate Service Partnership (GHO) office brokers and managers visited important real estate projects in Northern Cyprus and made investigations.

GHO Project Director Salih Uçar said that they came together with the consensus established by 4 companies that realized the most prestigious projects of Cyprus and that they agreed on project sales and leasing.

Uçar stated that Cyprus attracts the attention of local and foreign investors with its climate, nature, tourism, warm people reflecting the island culture and its safe environment, and stated that as GHO, they visited the projects for 3 days.


Salih Uçar said, “We conducted investigations in Famagusta, Girne and Iskele regions with the GHO team of 40 people. We have added new projects to our portfolio. We examined different types of housing, ranging from 4+1 to 0+6, in consensus hosting, which was formed by the cooperation of 1 Cypriot companies. Northern Cyprus is a very important country for both residence and investment. It is also under the eye of investors from 14 -15 different countries. The fact that sales and leases are in pounds is an important source of income for investors. It takes much less time to amortize the investment compared to Turkey. As the value of the pound increases, the rental income and the value of the real estate automatically increase. We can say that Northern Cyprus is the new safe harbor for investors. Turks have the right to buy 1 house. Although citizenship is not granted in the country, it is possible to obtain a residence permit. In the next period, we will also carry out the sales of projects in different regions of Northern Cyprus with the experience we have gained and our portfolio that we have enriched.”


GHO General Manager Özkan Yalaza also stated that the visits in Northern Cyprus are important for the company and that they will offer advantageous opportunities for both Cypriot and Turkish investors with the business partnerships they have signed.

Özkan Yalaza continued: “We stayed at the Courtyard Hotel for 3 days. In addition to field visits, we also included in-company trainings. Our Project Director Salih Uçar gave new information about the projects in Turkey. Training Consultant Nadir Kırlıkovalı made presentations to our brokers on recruitment and employee development. I also shared up-to-date information about the technical functioning and adaptation processes. Projects in Cyprus have tripled, especially in the last 5 years. There are many opportunities in the region that will make investors smile. Those who want to invest will also have the opportunity to take advantage of this opportunity with the assurance of GHO.”