Who is Kutalmış Bey in history, how did he die, what would happen to Süleyman Shah? Is Kanbolat Görkem leaving the series?

Who is Kutalmis Bey in history and what happened to Suleyman Şahin?
Who is Kutalmis Bey in history and what happened to Suleyman Şahin?

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While Alparslan's Great Seljuk TV series was continuing with its new episodes on TRT 1, it was a matter of curiosity who the historical figures were, how they died, and what their place in history was. In the last chapters, the identity of Kutalmış Bey, who made plans to sit on the Great Seljuk throne, his importance in history and how he died are investigated. But who plays Kutalmış in TRT 1's new series Alparslan, the Great Seljuk? Who is Kutalmış Bey in history, how did he die, what would happen to Süleyman Shah? Is Kanbolat Görkem leaving the series?

Kutalmış Bey is one of the characters in the Alparslan Great Seljuk TV series. The actors and characters of the Alparslan Great Seljuk series are curious. The character of Kutalmış, which he portrayed in the popular TV series, attracted attention. Kutalmış character, played by Kanbolat Görkem Arslan, attracted attention. Here is the information about Kanbolat Görkem…

The question of who Kutalmış Bey is is on the agenda… Kanbolat Görkem is one of the actors of the Alparslan Great Seljuk TV series. Görkem Arslan plays Kutalmış in the series. So who plays Kutalmış in TRT 1 Alparslan's new series, The Great Seljuk?

Who is Alparslan the Great Seljuk Kutalmış Bey?

Kanbolat Görkem Arslan plays the character of Kutalmış in the Alparslan Great Seljuk TV series. The Turkish Religious Foundation's Encyclopedia of Islam contains the following information about Kutalmış:

Who is Kutalmış Bey in history, how did he die, what would happen to Süleyman Shah?

The name Kutalmış, which means "blessed, blessed, auspicious", can also be read as "Blessed, Celebrated" according to its spelling in the sources. Mahmud of Ghazni imprisoned Arslan Yabgu, whom he had deceived, in Kalincar Castle in India, together with his son Kutalmış and some of his friends. He found a fertile opportunity and escaped from the castle, returned to Bukhara and took action to save his father with the Oghuzs under his command. However, he failed and when he died in the dungeon seven years later, he collaborated with his uncles Tuğrul and Çağrı Bey.

Kutalmış, who was assigned to conquer Cürcân and Damgan in the congress convened after the Dandanakan victory (431/1040), was assigned to conquer Azerbaijan and Irminiye after Tugrul Bey took Iraq under his administration. He successfully completed the tasks assigned to him; He also repelled the Byzantine attack on the city of Debil of Arran in 437 (1045-1046). The following year, he besieged the city of Ganja, which was part of the Şeddadoğulları, but could not take it.

In 1048, Tuğrul Bey assigned İbrahim Yinal and his mother's brother's son Kutalmış and his other uncle Yusuf Yinal to avenge Hasan Bey, the son of his uncle Musa Yabgu, who was killed in an ambush. He was killed by the Byzantines a year ago. United Seljuk forces attacked and sacked Kalîkalâ (Erzurum) and routed the Byzantine army in Pasinler Plain; This conflict was the first major war between the Turks and Byzantium. Kutalmış attacked Kars in 445 (1053-54) and killed everyone there. When Tugrul Bey went to Baghdad upon the invitation of the caliph (447/1055), Kutalmış was with him.

Thereupon, he left the city with Turkish soldiers under the command of Arslan al-Besâsîrî, the commander of the Turkish Buyids and the military governor of Baghdad, and after a while, he moved towards Mosul, which was handed over to the Seljuks with his allies. . Tuğrul Bey sent Kutalmış to the aid of the Mosul Emir Quraysh. After meeting Kutalmış Quraysh, he marched on Besâsîrî. However, he was defeated in a battle near Sinjar and narrowly escaped (29 Shawwal 448 / 9 January 1057). Tuğrul Bey came to Mosul to punish the people of Sinjar in the most severe way for their cruelty to the dead Turkish soldiers, and returned to Baghdad with Kutalmış after he handed over the administration of Sinjar and Mosul to İbrahim Yinal. Kutalmış was also present at the magnificent ceremony (449/1058) in which Tuğrul Bey was declared the ruler of the East and the West by the Caliph.

Kutalmış rebelled against Tuğrul Bey in 453 (1061) and was imprisoned in the fortified fortress of Girdkûh near Damgan (Dâmegān). There is no information in the sources about the causes of the Kutalmut uprising. However, the mother of Tuğrul Bey's brother Çağrı Bey declared his newly married son Süleyman the heir, which may have provoked his rebellion. Because Kutalmış saw himself as the real heir to the throne, since his father was older than all the Arslan Yabgu brothers and was the head of the Oghuzs before they fell into the hands of the Ghaznavids. Although Tuğrul Bey sent troops on Kutalmış, his forces were defeated. Thereupon he besieged the fortress of Girdkuh; however, he was not successful and appointed the vizier Amîdülmülk el-Kündürî.

Peace talks began soon after; Kutalmış approached peace with the following conditions: The sultan would swear on talak that he would not do anything to him, no compensation would be asked from him for his resurrection, and there would be no objections to Süleyman's marriage to his sister and his taking over a rich province. would be entrusted to management. Although three of these conditions were agreed upon, it was reported that no one would dare to take the oath of talak to the sultan, and the negotiations were interrupted due to his insistence on this issue. After that, while Amidülmülk was continuing the siege, Tuğrul Bey died in Rey (8 Ramadan 455 / 4 September 1063). After Tuğrul Bey's death and Amîdülmülk's return to the capital, Kutalmış went down from the castle and went to the Turkmens living between Hemedan and Rey and took a large group of them into his service. Meanwhile, his brother Resul Tegin joins him and encourages Rey to step on him. When Amîdülmülk heard that Kutalmış had set out with an army of 50.000 people, he heard that Çağrı Bey's son Alparslan had come to Rey to seize the sultanate, and asked him to hurry.

led to a trap that he could obtain by turning it into his valley. However, the events did not develop as expected and Alparslan marsh officers defeated Kutalmış's operation; He captured his brother Resul Tegin, his son Süleyman (Shah) and some of his commanders. Kutalmish died after falling from a rocky area in a trial run of the remnants of his disbanded army towards his own stronghold, Girdkûh; His body was brought to Rey and buried in Tuğrul Bey's tomb (13 Zilhicce 455/ 7 December 1063).

Who is Kanbolat Görkem Arslan?

Görkem Kanbolat Arslan was born on November 4, 1980 in Düzce. After combining his education in Düzce, he entered the Hacettepe University State Conservatory Theater Department in Ankara and successfully completed his education there and stepped into his acting career. Arslan, who is 1.80 meters tall and 77 kilos, is a Scorpio. Görkem Kanbolat Arslan, who started to be known for the character of Korkut he played in the TV series "Çembermde" Gül Oya for the first time in 2004, then reinforced his past with the character of Mahir Çayan in the TV series Remember Dear. Arslan wrote the characters of the "Sefer" role in Poyraz Karayel, which was one of the phenomenon series of the screens at the time it was broadcast.