Orthotic Prosthesis Amounts Paid to Veterans by SSI Increased

Orthotic Prosthesis Amounts Payable by SSI to Veterans Increased
Orthotic Prosthesis Amounts Paid to Veterans by SSI Increased

📩 17/03/2023 15:33

The amounts paid to the general health insurance holders by the Social Security Institution (SGK) were increased within the scope of the Health Implementation Communiqué (SUT). The Communiqué Amending the Health Implementation Communiqué was published in the Official Gazette (Repeated) dated 16 March 2023 and numbered 32134.

“Amount Paid for Disabled Persons of Duty and War increased to 2 thousand 500 TL”

Announcing that the amount paid to citizens for intraosseous implants, as 90 TL for each implant, has been increased to 750 TL within the scope of SUT, Minister Bilgin said, “The amount paid for intraosseous implants is the amount required to live without the help and support of others, for veterans and war veterans who receive a pension within the scope of the Anti-Terror Law. It has been increased to 2 thousand 500 liras for those who are disabled in duty and war, and those who are injured in terrorist incidents," he said.

“Special Orthoses/Prosthesis Amounts for the Use of Our Veterans Increased by Up to 100 Percent”

Bilgin shared the following information; “The amount of medical supplies that our citizens use at home within the scope of outpatient treatment and orthoses/prosthesis special for the use of our veterans varies between 50 percent and 100 percent; The amount paid for eyeglasses, lenses and frames was increased by 39 percent to 200 percent. In celiac disease and protein metabolism disorders; A 100 percent increase was made in monthly cash payments for specially formulated flour and finished products of vital importance that patients use due to their restricted diets. Good luck to all our citizens.”