Rosatom Makes a Name in the Wind Energy Market

Rosatom Makes a Name in the Wind Energy Market
Rosatom Makes a Name in the Wind Energy Market

📩 09/03/2023 13:46

Rosatom, the Russian State Nuclear Energy Corporation, which undertook the construction of Turkey's first nuclear power plant Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant Project and is one of the world's leading technology leaders, is also making a name for itself in the wind energy market.

Entering the wind energy market in 2018, Rosatom's volume in this field is estimated to reach 2024 GW in 3,6, with an annual turnover of 1,6 billion USD. According to Rosatom experts, this amount is enough to cover the production of wind turbines and all wind farms, necessary infrastructure and technical support services.

Although wind energy is one of the new fields of the Russian company, it is an important player in the Russian renewable energy market and a member of international alliances with its domestic production facilities and local production of important components.

6 wind farms in operation

6 wind farms built by NovaWind, Rosatom's wind energy division, operate in three regions of Russia. Wind farms operating in the Republic of Adygea, Stavropol Region and Rostov Region with a total capacity of 720 MW produced more than 2022 million megawatts of electricity in 1,94. This amount of electricity prevented more than 680 thousand tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) equivalent emissions that would occur if it was obtained from conventional energy sources. Kochubeevskaya Wind Power Plant, one of the largest in Russia, made the highest contribution to this rate, producing over half a million megawatts. While the construction and erection works of the Berestovskaya Wind Power Plant, which will have a capacity of 60 MW, have been completed, the construction of the Kuzminskaya and Trunovskaya power plants, two of the three power plants in the Stavropol Region, continues. Rosatom obtained construction permits for two wind farms in the same area. The total capacity of Rosatom's wind farms is planned to reach 2027 GW by 1,7.

Rosatom, the most important domestic producer of wind energy that does not produce greenhouse gas, has all the necessary resources and competencies to have a larger share in this newly entered market. According to Kirill Komarov, First Deputy Director General of Rosatom, “The main issue is the development of a brand new industry in Russia. The company not only built wind power plants, but also took on organization, certification, R&D tasks in technical regulation, personnel training, localization of wind turbines production”. “We know better than others how to develop new industries because we are constantly performing such tasks as part of nuclear energy development in Russia and around the world,” Komorov said in his statement on the subject.

Strengthening low-carbon energy production

NovaWind, whose main task is to consolidate Rosatom's efforts in the front-end segments and technological platforms of power generation, currently includes the companies VetroOGK, VetroOGK-2, VetroOGK-3 and AtomEnergoPromSbyt. Among these companies, VetroOGK, VetroOGK-2 and VetroOGK-3 are engaged in the construction, maintenance and operation of wind farms, while AtomEnergoPromSbyt provides energy supply, storage and management services for industrial consumers. NovaWind CEO Grigoriy Nazarov said: “The energy sector makes an important contribution to the efficient social and economic development of the country. Russia continues to work to reshape its energy industry by adopting new self-developed technology and developing low-carbon generation, including wind power, which has already proven highly efficient. A comprehensive approach to selecting zones and estimating power output ensures the safety and reliability of wind farms, their efficient performance and timely electricity supply.”