The Most Preferred Wood Types in Classical Furniture Production

The Most Preferred Wood Types in Classical Furniture Production
The Most Preferred Wood Types in Classical Furniture Production

📩 31/03/2023 12:39

Everything meticulously crafted begins with materials that are as valuable as works of art and contain endless possibilities. The craftsman's job is to shape it until he adds a mission to it. Based on this idea, Asortie aims to add a brand new vision to the decoration world by determining the details down to the finest detail and matching them with the most original materials in every furniture it produces with classical and luxurious touches.

Furniture that is completely handcrafted and made entirely of natural wood is called classic furniture. The furniture that humanity has produced by hand by adopting a settled life and constantly changing its visuality in terms of artistic and design over time is known as classical furniture. These classical furniture, which were generally used by the influential and wealthy people of societies until the industrial revolution, began to be used by all segments of the society in the following years. Although the production time of the handcrafted furniture takes time, it is produced with great care by wood and carving masters with artistic talents.

One of the most important elements when producing classical furniture is the choice of wood according to the area where the furniture will be produced. For furniture produced indoors and outdoors, wood species with the strength and durability suitable for each should be used. It is important to use suitable wood species, especially for classical furniture models with a lot of carving and embroidery. In Classical Furniture, every model is processed to the finest detail and wonderful antique furniture that can be used for many years is created. So which tree species are suitable for classical furniture production?

"Beech tree"

Hornbeam is a very suitable species for the production of solid and high quality furniture. The hornbeam tree, which grows mostly in the Black Sea region, is preferred especially in classical furniture production with its hard and durable structure. Since the flexing of hornbeam trees, which guarantees the use of long-lasting furniture, is difficult compared to other trees, they are processed with precision by experienced craftsmen.


The most important feature of the walnut tree is that it is one of the tree species suitable for furniture use thanks to its flexible structure. Walnut wood, which presents an aesthetic appearance with its veined stance in its structure, is widely used in the production of classical furniture. Walnut wood used in traditional carved furniture allows you to capture it in a modern style when used with solid veneer.

“Chestnut tree”

Chestnut wood, which is preferred especially among garden furniture due to its moisture and water resistant structure, is used at every stage of furniture and decorative material production. Chestnut wood, which is used in parquet and windows, is one of the most preferred in the production of decorative furniture and accessories.


Oak tree, which grows quite frequently in our country, is widely used in furniture production due to its durability and resistance to bad weather conditions. In addition, due to its structure, it is easy to paint and thanks to its unique color, it is frequently used in the production of coffee tables, bookshelves and stairs, apart from furniture.

Producing the Antiques of the Future, Asortie Furniture represents Turkey in the best way by being among the world's top quality furniture brands with its carefully selected wood species.