TRNC's New Airline Fly KHY takes off on April 16

TRNC's New Airline Fly KHY is flying in April
TRNC's New Airline Fly KHY is flying on April 16

📩 07/03/2023 15:51

TRNC Minister of Public Works and Transport, Erhan Arıklı, announced that the new airline, Fly KHY, will launch on March 13 and make its maiden flight on April 16. Arıklı said, “Welcome, Cyprus Airlines (Fly KHY). Good luck to our people, Cyprus Airlines (Fly KHY), which will launch at Ercan Airport on March 13 and make its first flight on April 16...


Speaking to Star Cyprus, Arıklı stated that they made an effort to involve new actors in order to create competitive conditions in the market and said, "While we were going to establish a company that the state would be a shareholder of without putting in a penny, we could not reach the target due to internal obstacles." Arıklı stated that they are working on making scheduled flights for private airlines, and continued as follows:


“We convinced 3 companies. One of them was a company founded by our local businessmen. He obtained the necessary permits by cooperating with an important airline company in Turkey. It will start scheduled flights on April 16. Another got permission to fly to Antalya twice a day. The goal is to fly the Russians in the South to Russia via Antalya. This company also plans to start flights in May.”