Who is Keçiören Mayor Turgut Altınok, Where Is He From And How Old Is He?

Who is Kecioren Mayor Turgut Altinok Where is he from and how old is he?
Keçiören Mayor Turgut Altınok Who is he, Where is he from and how old is he?

Turgut Altınok was born in 1962 in Ankara's Bala district. He completed his primary education at Keçiören Fevzi Atlıoğlu Primary School and his secondary education at Keçiören Kalaba High School. Altınok, who completed his higher education in the field of international law, was awarded the title of "Honorary Doctorate" by the Azerbaijan International Vector Science Center for his studies for the development of Turkey-Azerbaijan relations. He became a "Professor" with the authority to teach at Kazakhstan Abay State University.

The political life of Altınok, whose main profession is a lawyer, started in Ülkü Ocakları. At the age of 25, Altınok assumed the position of the Nationalist Work Party (MÇP) Keçiören District Chairman, and later served as the Ankara Provincial Chairman of the MÇP and a member of the Central Executive Board. After the September 12 Coup, he became the Deputy Secretary General of the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) at the age of 28. He was elected as the Mayor of Keçiören from the MHP in the 1994 local elections and from the Virtue Party in the 1999 local elections. While Altınok was elected as the Mayor of Keçiören in the 2004 local elections from the AK Party, which he was a member of during the establishment phase, he again assumed the position of Mayor of Keçiören in the last local elections held on March 31, 2019.

With the philosophy of Hacı Bektaş-ı Veli, "Let's be one, let's be big, let's be alive", Turgut Altınok, who has embraced everyone without discriminating or marginalizing anyone; He established a throne in the hearts of the citizens with his mayor profile centered on justice, tolerance and sincerity. Altınok, who broke new ground by establishing a municipal system that local governments take as an example in Turkey, was recognized as the "Model President" with his innovative projects.

Keçiören, which became a tourism center during the mayorship of Turgut Altınok, was listed under the title of “Places to Visit” in the publication catalog of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. Especially market applications became the subject of research and thesis in universities. Reconstruction projects, infrastructure and superstructure works made Keçiören the shining star of not only Ankara, but also Turkey, which is 6 out of 5 shanty houses.

While there are many works that Altınok brought to Keçiören, some of the works that are shown as examples are as follows:

Deniz Dünyası, the largest open-air aquarium, Turkey's longest city-centered cable car, Ankara House, Turkish Greats Monument, Orkhon Inscriptions Monument, Estergon Turkish Cultural Center, clock tower, fountains, fountains, waterfalls, walking paths, rose gardens, examples Republic Tower, which is in the process of being completed with markets, education centers, nearly 500 parks, gardens and sports complexes, support programs for the needy, social activities, concerts, free veterinary services.

Turgut Altınok is married and has two daughters and two sons.