Enemies of the Heart: Obesity, Hypertension and Smoking

Heart Enemies Obesity Hypertension and Smoking
Enemies of the Heart Obesity, Hypertension and Smoking

📩 01/03/2023 12:32

Near East University Hospital Cardiology Department Head Prof. Dr. Hamza Duygu made recommendations to protect heart health and emphasized that obesity, hypertension and smoking are the most important risk factors for cardiovascular diseases.

Heart diseases are one of the most common health problems today due to multiple factors. The World Health Organization explains that the incidence of cardiovascular diseases can be halved by controlling blood pressure, obesity, cholesterol and smoking. Near East University Hospital Cardiology Department Head Prof. Dr. In this sense, Hamza Duygu says that preventive medicine has a very important role in reducing deaths from cardiovascular diseases. Stating that family medicine has a very important function in identifying individuals at high risk for cardiovascular occlusion and preventing the first or recurrent cardiovascular occlusion problems in these individuals, Prof. Dr. Emotion states that cardiovascular disease depends on more than one factor. prof. Dr. Hamza Duygu said, “Today, there are risk factors that are known to increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases and are considered effective in every society. The importance of not smoking, eating healthy, avoiding excess weight, doing regular exercise for at least half an hour a day and five days a week, normal sugar metabolism and avoiding excessive stress are known to protect cardiovascular health.

Risk factors

Stating that age, gender, genetic and non-modifiable ethnic factors are among the risk factors for cardiovascular diseases, Prof. Dr. Hamza Duygu states that smoking, unhealthy eating habits, excessive alcohol, sedentary life, obesity, high blood lipids, high blood pressure and blood sugar are risk factors that can be corrected. prof. Dr. Hamza Duygu continued his words as follows: “Especially correctable risk factors form the basis of cardiovascular disease prevention strategies. Obesity, hypertension and smoking, which are the three leading risk factors, should be the main target in the fight against cardiovascular diseases.

Making suggestions for a healthy heart, Prof. Dr. Hamza Duygu stated that people should stay away from cigarette smoke first. Stating that smoking shrinks the heart vessels and destroys the thin useful cover that covers them, Prof. Dr. Hamza Duygu stated that cigarette smoke also facilitates blood clotting. prof. Dr. Duygu said, “Thus, it starts atherosclerosis and causes heart attack, stroke and blockages in the leg veins. Passive smoking, as well as active smoking, is extremely harmful for cardiovascular health.

Pay attention to blood pressure

Stating that attention should be paid to blood pressure, Prof. Dr. Hamza Duygu stated that the fight against hypertension, which is called the silent killer, lifestyle changes and regular use of blood pressure medication are of vital importance for the prevention of heart attack, aortic rupture, cerebral hemorrhage and enlargement of the aorta. prof. Dr. Hamza Duygu continued his words as follows: “Blood sugar should be kept within the normal range. Diabetes is now considered the equivalent of cardiovascular disease. If you have diabetes, it is important to be meticulous about starting appropriate treatment along with diet and weight control. Do not hesitate to use medication when your doctor deems it necessary in addition to diet and exercise to combat high cholesterol.”

Mediterranean cuisine should be adopted

Stating that people should adopt the Mediterranean cuisine as their diet, Prof. Dr. Hamza Duygu stated that eating habits that are rich in vegetables, fruits, legumes, whole grains and nuts, olive oil is used as essential oil, fish is preferred to red meat, meat is not prohibited, and there are no ready-made and packaged foods are important for heart health. prof. Dr. Duygu: “Exercise, which protects our health by affecting many of the risk factors that contribute to cardiovascular diseases, is not necessarily done in the gym. Even walking for 30 – 45 minutes every day contributes to vascular health. Let's stay away from elevators and escalators," he said.

Teeth should be brushed at least twice a day

Stating that inflammation in the gums causes low-intensity inflammation in the vessel walls, Prof. Dr. Hamza Duygu stated that this situation may cause a clot to form on the plaque that creates atherosclerosis, leading to occlusion of the vessel, and that it is necessary to brush teeth at least twice a day to prevent a heart attack. prof. Dr. Hamza Duygu said, “Those who sleep less or have irregular sleep, have a heart attack more easily. Especially if there is sleep apnea, it triggers various risk factors from high blood pressure to diabetes. It is extremely beneficial to remove the obstacles to a restful sleep and go to bed at the same time every night and sleep for 7-8 hours. Excess weight and obesity are the main reasons behind many factors that lead to cardiovascular diseases. Let's be careful to keep the body mass index below 25 by eating a balanced diet and exercising.

Prof. dr. Hamza Duygu: “Excessive salt is one of the main causes of high blood pressure.”Stating that there are many scientific studies showing that being full of pessimism, skepticism, and hostility tires the heart, ages the blood vessels, and shortens life, Prof. Dr. Hamza Duygu stated that it is beneficial to see the glass half full, not half empty. prof. Dr. Duygu said, “Excessive salt is one of the main reasons that trigger high blood pressure. The most important source of excess salt consumption is ready meals and meals in restaurants, especially fast food. Let's take care to keep the salt shaker away from the table. Too much alcohol harms the heart as well as the digestive system. It can cause severe palpitations, weakening of heart contraction. Let's be careful not to drink more than one or two glasses," he said.

Avoid stress, do not use uncontrolled drugs

Stating that stress affects every part of our body, it is also harmful for cardiovascular health. Dr. Hamza Duygu stated that the method of coping with stress should be learned by staying away from stressful situations as much as possible. Stating that when you sit still for hours in front of the TV or the hours spent in front of the computer increase, the cardiovascular diseases increase as well. Dr. Hamza Duygu stated that over-the-counter drugs also harm the heart. prof. Dr. Hamza Duygu continued his words as follows: “It is understood that some of the support pills, which are not even considered as medicine, tire the heart, they can disrupt blood coagulation. Don't buy random drugs, even over-the-counter drugs."