IMM's 'Mobile Course Workshops' Started in Hatay

IMM's Mobile Class Workshops are in the Earthquake Zone
IMM's 'Mobile Lesson Workshops' are in the Earthquake Zone

The 'Mobile Lesson Workshops' of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) started to work in Hatay. IMM, which was matched with the province of Hatay by AFAD, continues its work in the earthquake zone. The students who were affected by the earthquake and deprived of their home, dormitory and study center facilities were not forgotten either. IMM's 'Mobile Lesson Workshops' started to work in Hatay so that they do not fall behind in their classes.

Volunteer teachers support the work within the IMM Directorate of Youth and Sports. With subject repetitions, question solutions, one-to-one and group work, students were able to reach the social environment they had been away from for a long time, and they were allowed to be included in the exam process again.

In the Course Workshop service, besides mobile tools, students are also supported with the 'fixed education center' to be established in Antakya. All the work done in the workshops in Istanbul will also take place in the training tent in the earthquake zone.

Computerized study rooms and classes for at least 20 people were created. Students will be able to study and take advantage of the opportunities they want, apart from their daily routine course schedule.

Online training support will also be provided.

Within the scope of the Mobile Lesson Workshop, the training program to be covered was determined according to the needs of the students and the subjects they lacked. In addition to the face-to-face training they receive from volunteer teachers, students can also participate in artificial intelligence-supported online education studies by entering with the computers on the mobile bus.

Lesson Workshops

Contribution to adaptation with seminars

Volunteer teachers of IMM will also provide guidance services to earthquake victims in Hatay. Various seminar programs will also be organized so that they can get through the difficult process they are going through and concentrate quickly on their exams and lessons. Correct study methods, stress management and exam preparation processes will be explained.

Thousands of books and helpful resources sent

The support given to education in Hatay was not limited to course workshops. Along with the mobile workshop, the necessary materials for education, from bags to glue, from notebooks to rulers, from pencils to crayons, were delivered to students free of charge. In addition, hundreds of books consisting of stories and novels were sent to Hatay, along with hundreds of LGS v YKS preparation books for students preparing for exams.

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