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social media agency

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What is a Social Media Agency? What Does It Do For Your Brand?

social media agencyconsists of a professional team that develops strategies using social media platforms to increase your brand's online presence, reach your target audience and increase your interactions. These agencies create content that helps your brand reach its target audience, manage your social media accounts and organize campaigns using social media ads to further increase your interactions after a corporate layout is established on your profile. It helps your brand to gain brand awareness on social platforms by contributing to digital marketing activities.

social media agenciesstrengthens the bond between your brand and the customer base, giving you the opportunity to build brand loyalty, establish stronger customer relations and increase your sales. In addition, it contributes to your brand to be more active among competitors, to have competitive elements and to use social media platforms effectively.

The services you can get for your brand by the social media agency support your brand to effectively manage its online presence. These services include social media strategy creation, managing social media accounts, content calendaring and planning, community management, engagement boosting, social media analysis and reporting, advertising campaigns, and crisis management.

  • Social media management: The social media agency that provides this service first analyzes your brand's industry and target audience. They then use this information to create a custom content calendar for your brand. This content calendar is written by expert editors and submitted to the approval of the brand owners. Then the design department transforms the content plan into visual or real content. In this way, your brand's sharing schemes are determined.
  • Content Strategy: In line with the goals of your brand, what kind of content will be published on social media platforms, which channels will be used and which target audiences will be determined are determined. In this way, content for the target audience that each platform contains is created and it is ensured that the shares appeal to the right users.
  • Sponsored Ads: The social media agency organizes sponsored ads for your brand and sets up campaigns for you to reach your target audience more effectively. It is important to plan the advertising campaigns correctly, to determine the suitable options for the target audience, to use the budget effectively and to analyze the results. In this way, methods such as A/B testing are used and the target audience's favorite content language is measured.
  • Analysis And Reporting: After 1 month of social media management service for your brand, regular reports are made to measure the performance of the accounts. The number of followers gained and lost within 1 month, the most interacted content and access rates are analyzed. Thanks to these reports, the social media strategies used for your brand can be updated, new opportunities can be discovered and errors can be corrected.

All in all, collaborating with a social media agency is an important digital marketing tool that allows your brand to more effectively manage their digital assets and increase their online success.

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Have You Determined Your Brand's Social Media Needs?

your brand social media management When determining their needs, you must first analyze your sector and target audience in detail. Which social platforms do your competitors in your industry actively use? On which platforms does your target audience engage more? What type of content does he like to see? By examining this data, you can decide on your social media actions in the table you have created.

In addition, different social media strategies can be determined according to your brand's future goals and budgets. Some brands want to gain more organic reach and engagement, while others may create advertising strategies to generate more sales.

However, since all these processes are quite dynamic, brands may need to get support from a social media agency specialized in this regard. Agencies determine the most appropriate social media strategies by analyzing the goals and needs of brands. Which platforms might be more suitable for you?

  • Instagram: Instagram is a platform where visual and reals (video) content can be shared and is frequently used by brands in sectors such as fashion, food, travel, fitness, technology, beauty and entertainment. Brands need to produce aesthetically appealing content that can attract the attention of their target audience. These content can be on different topics such as promoting brands' products, photos of events or motivational messages to inspire their target audiences. On the other hand, the uniqueness and uniqueness of brands in the sector they serve is what distinguishes them from their competitors. Periodic campaigns, social issues, special days, etc. They can sign a viral campaign by developing strategic moves on issues such as
  • Facebook: Brands can promote their products and services by creating a business page on Facebook. However, it can be said that the majority of Facebook users in general are in the 25-54 age range and therefore more popular with middle-aged and older users. For this reason, it can be particularly beneficial for middle-age brands to use Facebook in their marketing strategy. However, it should be noted that young users are still actively using Facebook, offering potential opportunities, especially for local businesses or B2B companies.
  • YouTube: YouTubeis a platform that hosts video content and is generally preferred by brands where visual content is effective. Brands in sectors such as education, technology, fashion, food, music and entertainment YouTubeThey can choose . Content can be in different categories, such as promotion, use or demos of brands' products, how-to videos, or educational content.
  • Twitter: It is a platform where instant and short messages can be shared. It is a media tool where users can share their thoughts about their daily routines, happy or unhappy mood, and social events by putting them into words. It has also been used in recent years to build community and agree. It is a platform that has a high impact on topics such as newsworthy topics, events and events. The content that brands can share while using this platform may include their views on current events and content such as supporting slogans and tags to create brand identity, creating a community on days that concern their own industry. In this way, it may be possible for them to introduce themselves to their target audience and meet with the same opinion.
  • LinkedIn: It is a social media platform for the business world and is especially important for B2B (business to business) marketing strategies. Having brands on LinkedIn helps build connections between businesses and helps expand their professional networks. Unlike other social media platforms, LinkedIn allows businesses to promote their employees and managers by creating profiles. This allows the brand to reveal its human face and gain the trust of customers. In addition, businesses can follow developments in their industry and understand trends in the business world by being on LinkedIn. Content that brands can share on LinkedIn includes business news, industry news, business developments, research and reports, video content, professional events, and webinars. Brands can regularly post blog posts and articles to demonstrate their leadership on LinkedIn.
  • tik tok: It is a video-based platform that is heavily used by young users. Fun, creative and original content is very popular on TikTok. Brands can promote their brands by producing content suitable for their target audience on TikTok. Especially creative, fun and innovative brands are more likely to be successful on this platform. They can share their daily routines in the workplace, the lines of their employees or their working environment by making them more enjoyable and thus become an exemplary brand.

5 Ways to Choose the Right Social Media Agency

When choosing the most suitable social media agency for your brand, you should consider the efficiency you can get from your marketing and advertising activities. The choice of agency holds a large share of both the growth of your customer base and the success you achieve in your sales. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the following factors when choosing an agency:

  • Agency Experience and Expertise: It is important that the agency has knowledge of your industry and specializes in marketing/advertising activities. For example, if you are operating in the e-commerce sector, you can pay attention to the fact that you have worked with many brands in this sector and made them successful. Choosing an agency with this experience will be more appropriate for your goals.
  • References: You can learn about service quality by examining the agency's references about the brands it has worked with before. The testimonials show how well the agency is doing at its job and their success rate. On the other hand, you should also take a look at the work the brand has done for them. An agency operating in digital should primarily be able to successfully manage its own social media accounts.
  • Business model: The services and business model offered by the agency should be in line with your needs and expectations. Factors such as customer support, pricing policy, of course, should match your digital media planning budget. At this point, you can cooperate with agencies that will offer you a special pricing.
  • Communication And Solution Orientation: The agency's collaboration and communication skills are essential to the success of your projects. A good agency is in constant communication with its client and offers suggestions for the successful execution of projects, and gives importance to your ideas. In times of crisis, it creates solutions to avoid damaging your brand's reputation.
  • Success Rates: The measurable results of the agency's services allow you to measure the success of your marketing and advertising activities and evaluate the agency's performance.

Choosing a social media agency is an extremely important factor in achieving your future goals and growing your brand. Paying attention to the experience, references, business model, communication skills and measurable results of the agency you will choose will increase the success of your business.

Who is 'Yunus Doğukan Oğlakcı', Founder of Creodive Social Media Agency?

Yunus Doğukan Oğlakcı is the founder and leader of Creodive Social Media Agency. Oğlakcı, who has a bachelor's degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering and received education in this field, decided to continue his career in the digital world, specializing in areas such as digital marketing, web design, SEO consultancy, Google Ads ads and graphic design.

Oğlakcı gained experience working in different digital agencies at the beginning of his career and realized the needs and expectations of brands. For this reason, he established Creodive Social Media Agency and started to manage the digital assets of brands with his expert team.

Creodive Agency carries out the digital business of brands, especially with services such as social media management, web design, SEO consultancy, Google Ads ads and graphic design. Oğlakcı, together with its expert staff, offers unique solutions to its customers, enabling brands to stand out in digital.

Creodive Agency received the 'Best Social Media Agency' award in 2022 with its success distinguishing it from other agencies in the sector. Oğlakcı, together with its leadership and competent team, contributes to the continuous growth and development of Creodive Agency by keeping customer satisfaction at the maximum.

For detailed information about social media agency services for your business, you can review our page and contact us.

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