Gölbaşı Nostalgic Tram Project will be put into service at the end of April

Golbasi Nostalgic Tram Project will be put into service at the end of April
Gölbaşı Nostalgic Tram Project will be put into service at the end of April

One of the projects of Mayor Ramazan Şimşek within the scope of Büyük Gölbaşı Center Project is coming to life. After all the infrastructure for the tram project is ready, other preparations are completed at full speed and the Nostalgic Tram Line starts service at the end of April. The tram, which starts from Universities Street, will reach the coast via Cumhuriyet Street, Cemal Gürsel Street and Ankara Street routes.

It Will Be Free To The Public

President Şimşek, who said that the nostalgic tram will be opened to the public free of charge, announced that the route consists of a total of 8 stations. The route, which has a line length of 3,1 km, consists of a total of 2 km, with 6,2 trams on it. While a tour of the tram, which has a speed of 18 km / h, takes 22 minutes, it goes for 15 hours on a single charge.

Totally Green Energy

Explaining that the tram can serve 24 people at the same time, Chairman Şimşek stated that the necessary arrangements have been made for the disabled as well. There is also a solar energy system on the Nostalgic Tram, which consists entirely of green energy. Along with the nostalgic Taksim model trams, which have a bicycle transport system in front, the tram line also connects the lines on the bicycle path. In this way, it is aimed to reduce traffic and citizens to contribute to zero emissions by using less cars.

It Will Contribute to Tourism

President Şimşek pointed out that transportation alternatives have increased with the introduction of the tram line and said, "We will both bring comfortable and practical transportation to the people of Gölbaşı and contribute to Gölbaşı tourism with the nostalgic tram." said.

Chairman Şimşek said, “As you know, we experienced painful events on February 6 in our country. May God not let such tragic events happen again. Thank you for our country. I wish God's healing to our patients. I wish God's mercy on the dead. We are working day and night to fulfill the promises we made in 2019. One of them was our tram project. We dug into our tram project and started our work. Good luck to our Gölbaşı. Our aim is to announce the name of Gölbaşı, to contribute to the economy, to ensure that the people of Gölbaşı live comfortably, and to serve our university students. Our goal is to pick up our university students from their region and send them to Gölbaşı center.” continued as

We will run our tram on April 23

President Şimşek said, “We aim to run our tram on April 23, if God wills it. I wish good luck to Gölbaşı in advance.” said.

Contribution to Tradesmen

Expressing that Ankara University, Hacı Bayram Veli University and the technoparks of these universities will be connected to the city square, Mayor Şimşek stated that students and employees will be able to reach the coastline easily and that the tradesmen will also benefit.

Universities, District Governorship, Courthouse, Land Registry, Tax Office, Oral and Dental Health Center, Health Center, schools, Central Square within the scope of Büyük Gölbaşı Center Project, Gendarmerie and Municipality Building are located on the tram line. With this line, it is also aimed for the citizens to reach public services in the easiest way with free transportation.

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