Historical Artifacts in Bursa are Modeled One-to-One Against Possible Earthquake

Historical Artifacts in Bursa are Modeled One-to-One Against Possible Earthquake
Historical Artifacts in Bursa are Modeled One-to-One Against Possible Earthquake

📩 27/03/2023 14:59

While many historical artifacts were destroyed in the disaster of the century, Bursa Metropolitan Municipality models the artifacts relics of ancestors in the city against a possible earthquake in 3D with laser scanning devices. With this work, even if a historical artifact is completely destroyed, it will be possible to reproduce it exactly.

Dozens of monuments such as the Habib-i Neccar, one of the oldest mosques in Anatolia, the 2-year-old Karakuş Tumulus, the 250-year-old Antakya Houses and the 200-year-old Greek Orthodox Church, were destroyed by earthquakes in Kahramanmaraş. Experiencing such a great destruction in historical artifacts turned their eyes to the historical artifacts in Bursa, a large part of which is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Bursa, located in the first degree earthquake zone, suffered a great destruction in the earthquake of 1855, and many monumental works, especially the Great Mosque, were either damaged or completely destroyed. The Historical Grand Bazaar was also destroyed in the fire in 1958. In Bursa, where important works have been destroyed by the great earthquakes and fire disasters it has experienced throughout history, all ancestral relics are measured, modeled and recorded with the lessons learned from the painful experiences of the past.

Billions of point measurements

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Map Branch Directorate teams started measurements with a terrestrial laser scanning device in 2015, a first for municipalities in Turkey. While the 50D model of the structures was produced with a laser measuring device that can measure 3 thousand points per second, the grossest error was only 5 millimeters, with the measurement of 600 billion points made in the 2-year-old Ulu Mosque, which is considered the 8th largest temple of the Islamic world. model was created. In addition to Ulu Mosque, Historical Clock Tower, Osman Gazi and Orhan Gazi Tombs, Green Mosque, Green Tomb, Historical City Hall, Iznik Ancient Roman Theatre, Tile Kilns, Tolon Factory, Iznik Walls, Ishakpasa Complex, Yıldırım Beyazıt Mosque, 3 While modeling over 1 historical artifacts such as the Murat Complex, Bitinya Galleries, and the Zindan Gate, over billions of points were measured. Thanks to these models, an artifact that was damaged in an earthquake, as in the disaster of the century, can be reconstructed in accordance with its original, millimeter by millimeter.

Works are registered

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş reminded that Bursa is on the UNESCO World Heritage List with the Historical Bazaar and Inns Area, Cumalıkızık and Sultan Complexes and that İznik is also on the candidate list. He also said that it is of great importance that these works are carried to the future in accordance with their originality. Expressing that Bursa, which has hosted many civilizations and has many historical buildings from ages ago to the present, is also located in the first degree earthquake zone, Mayor Aktaş said, “While we continue to work to make our city resistant to earthquakes, on the other hand, we are trying to protect our cultural heritage. We are also putting a lot of effort into it. Especially in the earthquake of 1855, Bursa was almost destroyed. Many historical monuments were either destroyed or completely destroyed. The historical covered bazaar was destroyed in the fire in 1958. In the disaster of the century that caused great destruction and suffering in 11 provinces, many monumental works were destroyed. So such disasters can happen at any time. At this point, the work done by our map branch is very important in terms of making a note of the history. To date, more than 100 of our works have been modeled exactly. Our goal is to model all artifacts in our city that have both historical and architectural value. Of course, may God not cause such suffering to our country again, but we are trying to make all our buildings, from our houses to our monuments, earthquake resistant in case of a possible disaster.