Apple iPhone 15 release date, price, features and news

Apple iPhone release date price features and news
Apple iPhone release date price features and news

📩 19/03/2023 13:02

Apple is preparing some important changes to the iPhone 15 family, and although we are still a long way from the September 2023 launch date, leaks and rumors have already started that reveal very interesting details about the phones. Well, the prices of the new iPhone 15 series, which will be released on September 2023, 15, have been announced. Considering that Apple may adjust its pricing strategy depending on market demand and competition, how much is the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15?

The iPhone 15 series is expected to arrive in mid-September 14, with four models like its predecessor, the iPhone 2023 series, in about six months.

First, we have the 6.1-inch iPhone 15, the most affordable model. Next comes the 6,7-inch iPhone 15 Plus with a bigger, bigger battery. Then we have the 6,1-inch iPhone 15 Pro with Pro features and a premium price tag, and finally, the new big and powerful iPhone 15 Ultra. Yes, Ultra! Apple is said to have used the name Ultra instead of "Pro Max" to signify bigger upgrades to this model, including the first periscope zoom camera.

The big news is that all four models will have a USB-C connector that replaces the Lightning port that Apple has been using for nearly a decade. Another rumor suggests that Dynamic Island will come in all four versions. It's also possible that some of these new iPhones will have tactile volume and power keys instead of the traditional ones.

iPhone 15 release date

Apple follows a strict schedule that hasn't changed for years: new iPhones are always announced at the beginning of September and arrive a week and a half after the announcement.

We expect Apple to stay on that route with the iPhone 15 release date, so for the official reveal, we can estimate for Tuesday, September 12, 2023 and an in-store release on Friday, September 22.

Of course, it's too early to have any reasonable certainty, and these dates are based on Apple's usual annual schedule rather than leaked information.

iPhone 15 price

While we know quite a few details about the new features in the iPhone 15, we don't yet have insight into prices and current inflation, which frankly would be a little hard to predict so early.

Still, if we had to make a guess, we'd bet Apple would keep the same prices as the iPhone 14 series. Only the iPhone 15 Ultra model seems more likely to receive a price increase.

iPhone 15 Prices

Recent rumors say that the iPhone 15 Ultra will experience a price increase, with a starting price of $1.200 or even $1.300! That's one or two Benjamins more than the current $14 starting price of the iPhone 1.100 Pro Max.

iPhone 15 name

Media and leaks all refer to the upcoming 2023 iPhone lineup as the “iPhone 15”.

This may be the last name, as Apple hasn't used "S" extensions in the last few years, so an iPhone 14S seems highly unlikely.

So the four model names of the iPhone 15 series are expected to be as follows:

  • iPhone 15
  • 15 iPhone Plus
  • iPhone 15 Pro
  • iPhone 15 Ultra or iPhone 15 Pro Max

Nice and simple, right?

As for the rebranding of the iPhone 15 Ultra model name, it's not certain yet, but Apple has consistently introduced new products with the "Ultra" name in 2022 and this could be the first "Ultra" iPhone. Nothing is certain though, and it's still possible that Apple will simply call this next version the iPhone 15 Pro Max, so keep that in mind.

iPhone 15 camera

The leaks that have emerged so far agree that the iPhone 15 and 15 Plus models will use a dual rear camera system, the Pro model will have a triple camera system, and only the Ultra model will come with a quad rear camera.

As such, both the iPhone 15 Pro and Ultra are expected to feature the familiar 3X zoom lens, but the Ultra model is also expected to launch the first periscope camera on an iPhone. This periscope long-range zoom lens will only be found on the Ultra model, not the Pro, due to the additional space required. Analysts say that Apple could use a 6MP shooter with 12X native zoom for this camera.

*based on initial leaks and rumors.

Another exciting rumor from January 2023 suggests that the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus models will receive the 12MP main camera sensor from the iPhone 14 Pro series, which is a major upgrade from the 48MP sensors previously used. If true, this also means that regular iPhone 15 models will likely get 2X "lossless" zoom using sensor cropping.

However, the truly innovative camera should be the rumored 15X zoom periscope lens on the iPhone 6 Ultra version. Reports from late 2022 claimed that Lante Optics, one of the companies that is said to supply the zoom lens to Apple, continues to increase the prism capacity needed to make this lens.

Another exciting new rumor mentions that Sony is developing a brand new sensor that Apple will use for the iPhone 15's main camera. This new sensor is claimed to double the saturation signal level, meaning it will collect twice as much light as existing sensors. This, in turn, will help improve dynamic range and reduce noise levels in photos.

We will update this section as new information becomes available.

iPhone 15 storage

Apple basically equips all iPhone models with 128GB of storage, and we expect that to stick with the iPhone 15 version.

Therefore, the regular iPhone 15 and 15 Plus models are expected to start with 15GB of storage, just like the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 128 Ultra.

iPhone 15 / 15 Plus storage capacity:
128 GB
256 GB
512 GB

iPhone 15 Pro / 15 Ultra storage capacity:
256 GB
512 GB
1 TB

iPhone 15 design
iPhone 15 Pro models will replace stainless steel with much lighter titanium

We already have the first leaked CAD drawings revealing the size and design style of the iPhone 15 Pro, and check out the huge camera on the back! The iPhone 14 Pro already had a fairly large camera bump, and the iPhone 15 Pro camera is even bigger.

But the elephant in the room has to be the switch from Lightning to a USB-C port.

Apple has resisted using a USB-C port on the iPhone for years, despite the use of iPads (first on the iPad Pro in 2018) and Macbooks (first in 2015), but the European Commission's new regulation finally forced him. make the key.

Mark Gurman, one of the most trusted Apple sources, says that USB-C is "essentially a lock" for the iPhone 15. The famous insider Ming-Chi Kuo also confirms this.

Leaked CAD images obtained by 2023to9Mac in February 5 show that all new iPhone 15 models will indeed switch to type C.

Faster USB-C transfer speeds on iPhone 15 Pro models

Recent talk about the rumors states that the Pro and Ultra models will also support higher USB transfer speeds, while the regular models will maintain the same slow USB 2.0 speeds that they have with the Lightning connector.

Pro models are said to support at least USB 3.2 or Thunderbolt 3; this means transfer speeds of up to 40 Gbps, which is great for moving large files such as ProRes video.

As for the design, Apple is said to have improved the existing one. You'll still get straight edges and a flat screen, but the borders around the screen can be curved to get an Apple Watch-like look. The 6.1″ and 6.7″ dimensions are expected to remain unchanged.

While the base iPhone 15 and 15 Plus models will stick with aluminum frames as before, the Pro versions will replace the previously used stainless steel with titanium, a much lighter material that Apple also uses in other products like the Apple Watch Ultra.

Titanium also has excellent scratch resistance, as brushed titanium hides micro scratches better than stainless steel. We're really happy with this development: making the Pro models a little lighter has been on our wishlist for a long time.

Another extremely interesting rumor suggests that the iPhone 15 Pro models will replace the physical buttons with solid-state ones. Yes, solid state buttons with no moving parts! This also means you will need to add touch engines that help simulate a real button press when you tap these new tactile keys. Apple supplier and manufacturer of Taptic Engine, Cirrus Logic, said that adding fuel to the fire, its “stationary customer” will bring a new component in the second half of 2023! Some rumors say that only the volume keys will receive this treatment, while others claim that the power key will also be overhauled in this way. We haven't heard yet how this will work when your phone's battery dies, and what this will mean for case makers, but we're curious.

Excitingly, Dynamic Island, which Apple introduced with the 14 Pro models, is now likely to trickle into all iPhone 15 models, which will be the end of the notch. Analysts even claim that Apple is on track to transition to an invisible, under-display Face ID unit for the next-gen iPhone 16. This must be exciting!

For now, we don't know much about the color options of the iPhone 15. We expect Apple to stick with what it currently has and possibly add a few new color skins for those who want to try something different.

iPhone 15 screen

Apple seems to have found the sweet spot for screen sizes and we don't expect it to make any big changes, so you'll get a 15-inch screen size followed by a 15-inch screen on the iPhone 6,1 and 6,7 Pro. iPhone 15 Plus and iPhone 15 Ultra.

All four models will use OLED displays, though some minor differences in peak brightness will likely remain to give the Pro and Ultra models a bit of an edge.

The big question is about ProMotion. This technology was previously only available on Pro models and we have yet to hear if Apple will change it in the 15 series, but our doubts remain.

Rumors also mention that there may be an iPhone 15 Pro screen that gets brighter during the day. This improved display can reach a peak brightness of 14 nits compared to the already impressive 2.000 nits maximum brightness on the iPhone 2.500 Pro, making it very easy to see outdoors.

With the introduction of Dynamic Island, the rumors about the invisible, under-display camera setup now seem to be over, and Dynamic Island will be the go-to solution for iPhones, at least for the next few generations.

iPhone 15 processor and features

While we've already mentioned the distinction between the regular iPhone 15 models, which are likely to use a slower chip, and the Pro versions, which have the faster Apple A17 Bionic chip, all four models have one thing to share: the modem.

Expect to see the same Qualcomm-made modem on all four iPhone 15 devices. Apple has had a frenzied enemy status with Qualcomm and has tried to stay free and develop its own modems, but analysts argue it's harder than expected, so Qualcomm is.

Another major upgrade is the move to 8GB of RAM for the Pro and Ultra models, while the 15 and 15 Plus are likely to continue using 6GB of RAM.

Satellite connectivity made its debut on the iPhone 14, and we expect Apple to work out the intricacies of the technology and work even better on the iPhone 15.

iPhone 15 battery

Apple rarely makes major changes to its current designs, so you can't expect huge changes in iPhone 15 battery sizes.

Apple calls its iPhones “all-day” devices, but with moderate use, we think the iPhone Plus and Pro Max can be used for two days between charges, and only the smaller models are one-day devices.

*Estimates based on iPhone 14 battery sizes.

Will Apple increase charging speeds with the advent of USB-C charging on the iPhone? We don't have high hopes, but it's reasonable to expect charging speeds of around 25W for the smaller models and 30W for the two larger models.

All four iPhone 15 models are expected to feature MagSafe wireless charging, Apple's magnetic charging solution, which can be quite handy.

iPhone 15 features and software

The iPhone 14 family is the first time we see Apple use different processors for its Pro and non-Pro models; The Pro and Ultra models get the latest chips, and the non-Pro versions use older generation processors.

We expect this unfortunate trend to continue in the iPhone 15 series, but this will depend on the complex processor manufacturing environment. Chip maker TSMC, which supplies processors to Apple, has started production of 17nm, which can be used in the Apple A3 Bionic chipset, but it's too early to say how it will scale, and this is an important factor that will determine the processors used in the iPhone. 15 series.

We will update this section as new information becomes available.

Should I wait for the iPhone 15?

If you're excited about USB-C, you should wait for the iPhone 15. Using a single cable for all your devices sounds really exciting. Photo enthusiasts should also save up for the iPhone 15 Ultra, as this periscope lens could change the game for photography and videography. The addition of a 48MP sensor even to the vanilla models makes them much better cameras, which is one more reason to wait for their release.

If you don't want to wait, you shouldn't wait for the iPhone 15! iPhone 15 launches in September 2023! There are plenty of capable phones out there, and you probably shouldn't expect huge leaps in performance or charging speeds.