Alisan Logistics Has Been Qualified To Get 'Green Logistics Certificate'

Alisan Logistics Has Been Qualified To Get Green Logistics Certificate
Alisan Logistics Has Been Qualified To Get 'Green Logistics Certificate'

One of Turkey's leading logistics service providers, which empowers its customers with its innovative, flexible and integrated technological solutions in the local and global markets, and makes a name for itself with its environmentally friendly practices and sustainability activities, Alishan Logistics is entitled to receive the "Green Logistics Certificate" and has become one of the leading logistics service providers in Turkey. became one of the two companies with this certificate.

By the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, General Directorate of Transport Services Regulation; With the aim of supporting balanced, integrated, environmentally friendly and sustainable freight transportation, the Combined Transport Regulation was published in the Official Gazette and entered into force, and it was announced that the applications for the 'Green Logistics Certificate' had started. Since its establishment in 1985, it has been carrying out many operations such as international transportation, warehouse and warehouse services, liquid energy transportation, integrated logistics service provider; With its integrated logistics services, also referred to as "contract logistics" in the sector, arranging customer demands from A to Z, developing tailor-made logistics solutions and working mainly on a project basis, Alisan Logistics was entitled to receive the "Green Logistics Certificate" for which it applied in January. . As a result of the examination of the information and documents related to combined freight transportation and green logistics activities, it was determined that his application was appropriate and he became the owner of the document.

Damla Alisan, Vice Chairman of the Board of Alishan Logistics, who broke new ground in the sector with environmental awareness, said, “Working and producing is what keeps us alive in these difficult days we are going through. Since the first day, we have organized aid expeditions to the earthquake region as Alishan and also met the requests for aid trucks from our customers. On the one hand, we provide support to the earthquake zone as much as we can, and on the other hand, we believe that we should continue to create value for our country by working and producing. It makes us very happy from time to time to see that our ongoing efforts are rewarded. Finally, we learned that we were entitled to receive the “Green Logistics Certificate”, which we applied for last January, by performing the green logistics activities specified in Article 7 of the Combined Transport Regulation. We are proud because we have become one of the two brands in our country that have this certificate.” said. The buyer also; “As you know, sustainability is a very sensitive issue for us due to our expertise in the chemical industry. In addition to many environmentally friendly practices, we have significant knowledge and experience in reducing waste and eliminating them without harming the environment. Likewise, we have made and continue to make important contributions to the enactment of the relevant legislation. In addition to the projects we carry out to reduce our carbon footprint, our investments to renew our fleet with vehicles with low emissions continue to increase every year. This is an important mission for us. Because we believe that it is our duty to leave our world to the next generations in a more livable way.” used the phrases.

Within the scope of “green logistics activities”, enterprises should carry out at least 200 combined freight transportation trips per year, have documents and certificates showing that at least 5 percent of energy consumption is met from electricity produced from renewable energy sources, air-conditioning systems containing gases with 'Low Global Warming Potential' it needs to use. In addition, the enterprise has ISO 14001, a set of standards aimed at reducing the use of natural resources and minimizing the damage to soil, water, and air, and ISO 14064, the standard for Determining and Reporting the Amount of Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Removal, is suitable for the General Directorate of Forestry throughout Turkey. It is also among the requirements to donate at least 500 saplings per year, to have a zero waste management system and related documents for the afforestation areas.