100 Dancers series winner: Which choreographer won the grand prize?

Dancer series winner Which choreographer won the grand prize
Dancer series winner Which choreographer won the grand prize

📩 19/03/2023 16:04

Get up and dance for Netflix's new dance competition series 100.000 Dancers (Dance 100), a unique and epic street dance competition where eight talented dancers compete for $100 and the title of best choreographer. These dancers not only demonstrate their dancing skills on stage in front of 100 professionals, they also have to choreograph epic routines for a growing number of dancers.

Throughout the first five episodes of the show, we saw the choreographers experiment with different dance styles, from hip-hop to modern dance and everything in between. Now the final two choreographers will have to leave everything on the dance floor as they choreograph the two final performances, one with 50 dancers and the other with 100 of the dancers from the 100 Dancers series. Are they ready for the challenge?

100 Dancers final spoiler

If you've watched every episode so far, you know who the last two are in the competition, but if you don't, you should go back now so you don't get spoiled. Without further ado, here's what you need to know about the Dance 100 winner!

Dancer 100 winner: Who will win the Dance 100?

In the Dance 100 final, the last two finalists Keenan Cooks Ve Brandy Chun. Keenan's 50-man routine, “Hustlin'” by Rick Ross and Brandi's “Keep Going On” by Jungle. Then, during the 100-man routine, Keenan “Tell Them” by Mabel and Brandi choreographs the last dance of the song “Ante Up (Robbin Hoodz Theory)” by MOP

We also see a routine from six other choreographers Rex, Rudy, Janick, Celine, Akira and Max. They provide some feedback on the first two routines from the finalists. It was nice to see the other competitors coming back and showing good sportsmanship despite being eliminated!

Ultimately, the Dance 100 and the $100,000 winner Brandy Chun.

What do you think of the Dance 100 winner? Are you happy that Brandi won? Were you supporting Keenan? Apart from Brandi and Keenan, were there any choreographers you thought should make it to the finals? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.