Hatay Rebellion by Uğur Aslan: Why Is No One Helping Us?

Hatay Rebellion by Ugur Aslan Why Nobody Helps Us
Hatay Rebellion by Uğur Aslan Why Nobody Helps Us

📩 07/02/2023 11:22

Actress Uğur Aslan announced that after the devastating earthquakes, half of his family in Hatay fell under the rubble. Aslan said, “Why is no one helping us?” he rebelled.

Turkey was shaken by earthquakes of 04.17 magnitude centered in Kahramanmaraş, Pazarcık at 7,7 and 13.24 in the center of Elbistan at 7,6.

Orhan Tatar, General Manager of AFAD Earthquake Risk and Reduction, said that the Elbistan-centered earthquake was an independent earthquake.

In the earthquakes of 10 and 7,7 magnitude, centered in Kahramanmaraş, Pazarcık and Elbistan, affecting 7,6 provinces, 6 thousand 217 buildings were destroyed, it was announced that 2 thousand 316 people lost their lives so far.

A statement came from actor Uğur Aslan about Hatay, one of the provinces affected by the terrible earthquake. Emphasizing that half of his family in Hatay was under the collapse after the earthquakes, Aslan said, “Nearly half of my family is under the collapse in Hatay. All the other survivors say is, why is no one helping us?” he rebelled.


Aslan used the following expressions in the video he published;

We are having a very bad day. There are many question marks especially about Hatay. Unfortunately, my family is in ruins and we now consider them 'lost' because any process that could interfere with them unfortunately did not work.

It is said to be due to some damage that was there. There are some statements made by our governor; It was said that there were weaknesses in the infrastructure so that help could go there.

My only wish is that the rest of the process will work. People trying to save people with their own efforts in line with the information I received from my family.

The situation is very bad. Seriously need help in Hatay. Please support, I have nothing else to say.

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