Public Will Sell Energy On Industrial Basis For The First Time In Turkey

People Will Sell Energy On Industrial Basis For The First Time In Turkey
Public Will Sell Energy On Industrial Basis For The First Time In Turkey

📩 28/02/2023 13:01

The global drought, the breakage of the supply chain during the pandemic, the increase in coal prices and carbon tax prices, the natural gas crisis that emerged after Russia's invasion of Ukraine further deepened the energy crisis in the world. For this reason, the demand for alternative energy sources has increased. Energy, which has strategic importance for countries, has also become an important investment tool. Participation Energy, a new generation energy cooperative established in parallel with such developments in global energy strategies, has become the new favorite of investors in renewable energy. The cooperative developed a new system for the first time in Turkey to enable the public to participate in energy production and distribution. Accordingly, the public will be able to sell energy on an industrial basis for the first time in Turkey.

Participation Energy Chairman Ferhan Şavlı made important statements regarding the vision and goals of the cooperative, which set out with the motto "Renewable Energy, Sustainable Income". Stating that the share of solar power plants (GES) in Turkey's total energy capacity is 7,5 percent and this ratio is increasing day by day, Şavlı said, “The balances have changed in the new world order. The new investment tool of the new world will be renewable energy.” said.

“We ensure the participation of the public in energy production and distribution”

Reminding that Katılım Energy was established as an energy cooperative with a capacity of 20 thousand members, Ferhan Şavlı said, “We are a cooperative that provides income in a democratic system by participating in the energy production and distribution of the people for the first time in Turkey. 93 percent of our employees are women. We are a local and national organization with a social responsibility structure. We aim to reduce our country's need for energy imports," he said.

“A minimum of 1 MW electricity will be produced at each stage”

Stating that solar power plants will be built on the Treasury lands to be allocated by the Ministry of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change in the triangle of Eskişehir, Afyonkarahisar and Konya within the scope of SPP investments of the cooperative, Şavlı said: “We will produce 50 MW of electricity in phases. Each stage will start when a minimum of 1 members are reached, with a minimum of 400 MW of electricity generation.“

“The system pays off investment costs in 4-5 years”

Ferhan Şavlı, who defines the system designed by Katılım Enerji as a “new generation investment vehicle with high profit margin”, also explained the advantages of the cooperative structure with these words: “The solar panels we will install have a life of 25 years; We will renew SPPs every 25 years. In line with production activities, we have established a profitable system that leaves its 17-year return to the investor as a net profit. During this period, 5 thousand 300 euros per share for the investment; Due to the fact that the supply is constant due to the start of production, energy costs and the increase in demand, it can reach a value of 8-9 thousand euros and can pay for itself in a short period of 4 to 5 years.

“People will have a say in the energy they produce”

“For the first time in Turkey, the public will sell energy on an industrial basis. In other words, they will have a say in the energy they produce. Moreover, the system makes a 5-year return possible with an investment of 17 thousand euros”, Şavlı noted that the members included in the system can follow both the investment costs and the production values ​​of the power plant through the website of Katılım Energy and the mobile application. In addition, “We offer a transparent system where they can easily follow the process at every stage. Moreover, our members can view their shares over the e-Government system at any time.”