TCDD Works to Heal the Wounds of Earthquake Victims

TTCDD Works to Heal Earthquake Victims' Wounds
TTCDD Works to Heal the Wounds of Earthquake Victims

📩 15/02/2023 12:25

Hasan Pezük, General Manager of the Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD), was the guest of the live broadcast of TRT Radio Haber. Making statements about the works of the railways in the earthquake region, Hasan Pezük said that they were on the field as a railway family to heal the wounds of the earthquake victims.

TCDD General Manager Hasan Pezük, who started his speech by wishing God's mercy to our citizens who lost their lives in the earthquake, which is described as the disaster of the century, and a quick recovery to the injured, said that the disaster that took place deeply saddens our country. Stating that our state was on the field with all its elements right after the earthquake, Hasan Pezük said, "Our state does its best both in search and rescue activities and in providing the shelter and vital needs of our earthquake victims." said.

Stating that they have been working under the coordination of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure and covering all transportation modes since the first day of the event, TCDD General Manager Hasan Pezük used the following statements about the damage caused by the earthquake to the railways: “Two major earthquakes that occurred one after the other also damaged the railways. We quickly directed our teams to these regions. A total of 275 kilometers of railway network was affected by the earthquake. We have art structures such as 275 tunnels, 446 bridges and culverts on this network. It was important to quickly control and repair these areas. Because logistics comes to the fore in an earthquake. Here, we identified the deficiencies in the Toprakkale-Fevzipaşa, Fevzipaşa-Narlı, Narlı-Pazarcık-Gölbaşı-Malatya, Narlı-Gaziantep line sections and started the repair works immediately. As a result of the intense efforts of our friends, we opened 275 kilometers of the 100 kilometer line, which was damaged by the earthquake, to train traffic in a short time. We formed over 29 working teams in the damaged areas. We have created a logistics facility that will reach Mersin-Adana-Osmaniye-Iskenderun, Adana-Niğde-Kayseri-Ankara, Sivas-Malatya-Elazığ-Diyarbakır from all directions. We have seen the benefits of this. Thanks to the work we have done, we have mobilized our trains from all over the country to transport construction equipment, containers, mobile toilets and supplies to these regions. More than 30 freight trains carried materials to the earthquake area. From the first day at our stations and stations, we hosted our citizens by providing a warm environment in the passenger wagons. In this way, approximately 6 thousand people stayed at our stations and stations. Railways are very important both in terms of logistics and the accommodation of our citizens.”

Drawing attention to the importance of shelter and food needs at the first moment of the earthquake, Hasan Pezük said, “It was very important that we provided shelter to 6 thousand people from the first moment of the earthquake. I think we did a good job as TCDD. We got a very important reaction. We opened all our guesthouses to the use of earthquake victims, together with all our training facilities İskenderun Arsuz and İzmir Urla. We followed up on the establishment of tent cities in our logistics centers. At our construction sites in the earthquake zone, we meet the needs of our citizens who were damaged by the earthquake. These were the points that needed to be done very urgently in the first days. Apart from these, we have evacuated 35 thousand earthquake victims. Shelter, evacuation and logistics processes will continue from now on. The logistics process is also important for future demands. That's how we run our entire program. Containers are going to all regions in order to alleviate the suffering of our citizens a little bit; On the other hand, tent cities are being established. In the coming days, we will provide our important capacity in the transportation of aid materials here.” he said.

Underlining that they work in partnership with other institutions of the state in the evacuation of citizens, TCDD General Manager Hasan Pezük said, “We carry out the transportations completely free of charge in line with the lists from the governorate and other units. We act in coordination with AFAD in order to meet, direct and meet the other needs of the citizens at the stations and stations. No matter the number, we help everyone. Let us receive a demand, and we will coordinate them to reach all regions.” used his statements.

At the end of his speech, TCDD General Manager Hasan Pezük emphasized that the state gave its best support with all its institutions and stated that as TCDD and the railways family, they will continue to do their best and wished the wounds to be healed as soon as possible.

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