Is Marmaray Earthquake Resistant? How Much Intensity Does Marmaray Resist Earthquake?

Is Marmaray Earthquake Resistant? Marmaray Resists Earthquake Up To How Many Severity
Is Marmaray Earthquake Resistant? Marmaray Withstands Earthquake Up To What Severity?

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After the earthquakes in Kahramanmaraş, are the citizens of Marmaray earthquake resistant? How many earthquakes can Marmaray withstand? What happens in Marmaray earthquake? seeking answers to questions.

  How Much Intensity Does Marmaray Resist Earthquake?

The Marmaray Project, which is defined as a hundred-year project, was built to withstand an earthquake of magnitude 9. Istanbul is approximately 20 kilometers away from the North Anatolian Fault Line extending from the east to the southwest of the Islands in the Marmara Sea. Therefore, the project area is located in an area that requires a major earthquake risk consideration.

It is known that many tunnels of similar type are exposed to earthquakes of magnitude similar to the expected size in this region and they have survived these earthquakes without major damage. The Kobe Tunnel in Japan and the Bart Tunnel in San Francisco, USA are examples of how robust these tunnels can be built.

In addition to the existing data, additional information and data were collected from the geological, geotechnical, geophysical, hydrographic and meteorological studies and surveys in the Marmaray Project, which was the basis for the design and construction of tunnels constructed using the latest and most modern civil engineering technologies.

Accordingly, the tunnels within the scope of this project have been designed to withstand the highest earthquake expected in the region.

The latest experiences gained as a result of the seismic event in 1999 in the Izmit - Bolu region have been resolved, and these experiences have been part of the foundation of the design of the Istanbul Railway Bosphorus Tube Crossing (Marmaray) Project.

Some of the best national and international experts participated in the studies and evaluations. the earthquake in Japan and the United States District was built previously in many similar tunnel and therefore especially Japanese and American experts, the specifications must be met in the design of the tunnel for the development of the series, the scientists worked in close cooperation with and specialists in Turkey.

Turkish scientists and experts are working hard on defining the characteristics of potential seismic events; and based on all the information collected so far and historical data to Izmit in Turkey - Bolu region in 1999 were obtained from the analysis of the events, including the latest data and used.

Japanese and American experts assisted in this data analysis study and supported relevant activities; these experts have also included all of their extensive knowledge and experience in the design and construction of seismic and flexible joints in tunnels and other structures and stations within the scope of the specifications to be met by the Contractors.

Large earthquakes can cause serious damage to large infrastructure projects if the effects of such earthquakes are not adequately considered within the scope of the design. Therefore Marmaray Project used the most advanced computer-based models and America, the best experts from Japan and Turkey, the design process katılmışd.

Thus, the team of experts, who form part of the Avrasyaconsult organization, will be assisted by contracted designers and experts to ensure that in the event of the worst-case scenario (ie, a very large earthquake in the Marmaray region) this event cannot be turned into a disaster for the people passing through or working in the tunnels. and provided his advice on this issue.

is marmaray earthquake resistant

The upper blue part of this map is the Black Sea and the central part is the Sea of ​​Marmara connected by the Bosphorus. The North Anatolian Fault Line will be the center of the next earthquake in the region; this fault line extends in the east / west direction and passes approximately 20 kilometers south of Istanbul.

is marmaray earthquake resistant

As can be seen from this map, the southern parts of the Sea of ​​Marmara and Istanbul (upper left corner), is located in one of Turkey's most active earthquake zones. For this reason, tunnels, structures and buildings are built in such a way that destructive damage and damage will not occur in case of an earthquake.

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