Logistics Transfer Center for Earthquake Zone Established in Kayseri

Logistics Transfer Center for Earthquake Zone Established in Kayseri
Logistics Transfer Center for Earthquake Zone Established in Kayseri

📩 24/02/2023 14:56

As well as delivering aid to earthquake victims quickly, it is also of great importance to deliver the supplies in a classified way to priority locations. For this purpose, a logistics transfer center was established in Kayseri by the OIZs and the private sector under the coordination of the Ministry of Industry and Technology.

In the center, which plays an important role in the distribution of aid materials from Turkey and abroad, thousands of products are categorized and loaded onto trucks. Dozens of trucks leaving the center, where materials such as water, food, clothing, heating, generator, and hygiene are sorted, are transported to the warehouses in the disaster area through the Emergency Social Assistance Teams (ASIA) established by the Ministry of Family and Social Services. Relief materials are also delivered to the disaster victims from here.


After the earthquakes in Kahramanmaraş and Hatay, solidarity reached the highest level both in the country and internationally. In addition to Turkey, tons of in-kind aid from all over the world started to be shipped to the earthquake zone by various means of transportation.


While the Ministry of Industry and Technology creates an aid corridor between the industrialists and the earthquake zone, on the other hand, it helps to deliver aid to earthquake victims quickly and safely with the transfer and logistics centers it has established in Organized Industrial Zones (OIZ).


Logistics transfer centers were established in Adana, Gaziantep and Kayseri for the coordination of earthquake aid through the crisis center established within the Ministry. One of them, Kayseri Emergency Social Assistance Logistics and Transfer Center, took on the task of dispatching and administering domestic and foreign aid to the earthquake zone.


The products coming to the center formed by the transformation of the fair area in Kayseri OIZ; are categorically separated as water, food, clothing, heating, generator and hygiene. After the sorting and sorting process, the products loaded on the trucks are sent to the cities in accordance with the priority needs list of AFAD and Turkish Red Crescent.


The products are transported to 67 warehouses belonging to ASYA teams, which were established by the Ministry of Family and Social Services in order to take quick action after natural disasters. Hundreds of trucks and tens of thousands of pallets of aid materials are delivered to earthquake victims within the framework of a certain plan and program. Thanks to this operation, disaster logistics becomes more efficient by accelerating. Mehmetçik, local governments and OIZs and technology company Trendyol also provide personnel support to the center. The personnel, working in 24 shifts on a 3-hour basis, continues the sorting and loading operations uninterruptedly.


Kayseri ASYA Logistics Warehouse Manager Süleyman Konak stated that there are between 20-25 truck entrances to the center daily and said, “While our trucks are entering, on the other hand, they are filled and shipped to those regions according to the needs in the region. We also have wagons that come to the station by train. We continue the same operations with those wagons.” said.


Explaining that the fair center of the Kayseri Organized Industrial Zone has an indoor area of ​​8 thousand square meters, Konak said, “We work in a system with around 50-60 personnel with a shift system. Whether it's Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality or district municipalities, our workers are also the units that support this operation within the scope of İŞKUR.” he said.


Stating that they support the operation for a faster and more efficient disaster management, Trendyol Operations Director Sedat Merdan noted that they carry out studies in terms of logistics management at the center and said, "Our aim here is to pre-classify the aid from abroad and to carry out dispatch plans according to the needs of the regions. Not only we, but also many friends who support us in this regard have a great effort. Without one of us, this organization would not have been possible.” said.