Support Exceeding 41 Million Liras for Earthquake Solidarity in Izmir

More than Million Lira Support for Earthquake Solidarity in Izmir
Support Exceeding 41 Million Liras for Earthquake Solidarity in Izmir

📩 10/02/2023 13:54

After the earthquakes affecting 10 provinces, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality's support to the region continues to increase. In four days, 121 trucks, 82 trucks, 3 planes and 2 ships were shipped to the earthquake zone. The figure reached by the "Hope Movement" and "One Rent One Home" campaigns exceeded 41 million liras.

The support activities initiated by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality for the disaster area continue to increase. Aid was delivered to the disaster area, the epicenter of which was Kahramanmaraş and affected 10 provinces in total, by 121 trucks, 82 trucks, 3 planes and 2 ships in four days. Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç SoyerWith the solidarity campaigns "Hope Movement" and "One Rent One Home", the donations reached over 41 million liras.

464 thousand blankets were sent

So far, 464 thousand blankets, 7 thousand duvets, 3 thousand 500 pillows, 7 thousand 26 electric heaters and 521 stoves, 465 thousand 687 liters of drinking water, 28 thousand 500 diapers and food, 8 thousand packages of sanitary napkins, 809 thousand pieces Clothes, 16 thousand 500 hygiene packages, 32 thousand 137 breads, 18 thousand 355 milk, 20 thousand food packages and tons of humanitarian aid such as first aid materials, tents, mats, sleeping bags, shoes, medical supplies, wheelchairs were sent to the areas of need. .

Solidarity grows in Izmir

More than 39 million liras of aid was provided to be delivered to the region from the address “”, which enables the purchase of humanitarian aid materials needed by earthquake victims. A contribution of 2 million 130 thousand liras was made through “”, which brings together citizens who lost their homes in the earthquake and people who want to give rent support or open their empty houses for use. With the campaign, 104 people declared that they would support rent and 181 people would share their houses.

Packaging and loading of humanitarian aid materials from citizens continue in Gaziemir Fair İzmir, Kültürpark Celal Atik Sports Hall and the garden of APİKAM in Çankaya.

Teams are on the field in the disaster area

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality's teams continue their search and rescue efforts with construction equipment and vehicles in the field. The mobile kitchen, which produces meals for 10 thousand people a day, is also in operation. Mobile internet and mobile charging station were also installed in the command and control vehicle of the Metropolitan Municipality.

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