Preparations for the Economics Congress Continue with the 'Art Economics Forum'

Economy Congress Preparations Continue with Art Economy Forum
Preparations for the Economics Congress Continue with the 'Art Economics Forum'

📩 05/02/2023 14:16

The “Art Economics Forum”, which will be held as part of the Second Century Economics Congress, will be held on February 6 at the Ahmed Adnan Saygun Art Center (AASSM).

Organized with the cooperation of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Culture and Art Department and İzmir Mediterranean Academy, the “Art Economy Forum” will bring together the actors of the art market from different fields. It is planned that the forum will also play a role in the formulation of policy proposals to be submitted to the main congress, which will be held on February 15-21.

Art World will meet in Izmir

The “Art Economics Forum” will bring together academics, directors and producers working in the field of cultural heritage, archaeologists, museology experts, curators and artists in İzmir. Participants will undertake the task of producing policies regarding the negativities of today's social and cultural climate and how these problems can be solved.
İzmir Development Agency (İZKA), Anatolian Cinema and Television Professional Association (ASITEM), İzmir Culture, Art and Education Foundation (İKSEV), Darağaç Collective, Street Artists Association, İzmir Cinema Office, Sustainable Urban Development Network, Balconnection Dozens of different organizations such as VHS Film are expected to participate.
Many experts in different branches of art such as director and actor Ezel Akay, curator and writer Beral Madra, curator and writer Vasıf Kortun, culture manager Sarp Keskiner will also attend the forum.

Forums are held in seven different areas

Within the scope of the Economics Congress of the Second Century, seven different forums are organized under the titles of Art Economy, Street Economics, Employment Problems, International Investments, Youth, Children and Education. Representatives of dozens of institutions, organizations, associations, organizations and foundations working on many different issues from all over Turkey will attend the forums.

It is possible to register to the forums, which are free and open to anyone who is interested, within the determined quota from the "Economics Congress" mobile application. After creating a registration, it is possible to enter the event area with a specially defined QR code. The “Economics Congress” application can be downloaded to phones and tablets from the App Store and Google Play.

The result statement is taking shape

Within the scope of the preparatory meetings of the Second Century Economics Congress, meetings of farmers, workers and industrialists, merchants and craftsmen were held. The draft declarations prepared by these three groups were evaluated in four different expert meetings titled We Agree with Each Other, Returning to Our Nature, Understanding Our Past and Seeing the Future.
The opinions and suggestions that emerged as a result of the seven forums to be organized will also play a role in the development of the declarations. The final version of the declaration, which was shaped by a common mind by many different tables throughout the process, will be shared with all of Turkey on February 21.

The program of the Art Economics Forum was created as follows:

Opening Speeches
10.00- 10.15 Güven Eken – Advisor to the Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality
10.15 – 10.45 “On the Verge of New Cultural Policies” – Assoc. Dr. Serhan Ada, Istanbul Bilgi University, Head of UNESCO Chair in Cultural Policy and Cultural Diplomacy
10.45 – 12.15 Heritage and Communities
Dr. Gökçe Sanul Diner (Moderator) İzmir University of Economics, Faculty of Communication
Mahir Polat Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Secretary General
prof. Dr. Metin Ekici UNESCO Turkish National Commission (UTMK) – Intangible Cultural Heritage Committee
12.15 - 13.00 Dining Break
13.00 – 14.30 Industries
Dr. Funda Lena (Moderator) Researcher / Academician
Bülent Forta Mü-Yap Member of the Board of Directors / General Coordinator
Kenan Kocatürk Chairman of the Board of the Turkish Publishers Association
Ezel Akay Director, producer, actor
Deniz Ova Salt General Manager
14.40 – 16.10 Independents and Artists
Hale Eryılmaz (Moderator) Editor / Culture Manager
Sarp Keskiner Culture Manager
Azize Tan Ayvalık Film Festival Director
Cenkhan Aksoy Daragac Collective
Ali Cem Doğan Darağaç Collective
16.10 - 16.20 Search
16.20 – 17.50 Institutions and Market
Assoc. Dr. Ebru Nalan Sülün (Moderator) Art Historian- Art Critic International Association of Art Critics (AICA-TR)
Beral Madra (Online) Curator, author
Master of the Gospel Arkas Art Center Director
Bahar Sooğuz Be Contemporary
Vasif Kortun Curator-Author

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