Container City Established by İGA in Hatay Opens to Service on 8 March

Container City Built by IGA in Hatay, Puts into Service in March
Container City Established by İGA in Hatay Opens to Service on 8 March

📩 27/02/2023 16:08

In Hatay, one of the cities that suffered the most after the earthquakes that were defined as the disaster of the century and directly affected 11 provinces, the efforts to heal the wounds of the disaster continue rapidly. While IGA is working hard to complete the 350 container city installation in the region; It aims to start hosting approximately 2 disaster victims as of March 100.

While Turkey is trying to heal the wounds of the earthquakes centered in Kahramanmaraş, which is called the biggest disaster of the last century and affected 11 provinces; IGA took action last week to establish a container city in Hatay, one of the provinces most affected by the earthquake, to shelter the homeless victims.

Located next to the Hatay Provincial Gendarmerie Command and to be established on a 30-decare land allocated to İGA by the Hatay Governorship, the 350-container city is planned to be a home for 350 families. All installation and hardware is undertaken by İGA; The city, whose construction started on February 13, is getting ready to host earthquake victims as of March 8. In the container city, where the works continue at a great pace, 89 personnel and 34 construction machines work in 7/24 shifts.

While there are furniture, shower, toilet and kitchen counters in each of the 20 square meters containers shipped from Istanbul between 26-21 February; each container can meet the temporary accommodation needs of a 5-6 person family. There are also areas such as a dining hall, kitchen, laundry, children's playground and prayer room in the city.

“IGA Istanbul Airport is also ready for a possible Istanbul earthquake…”

As known; After the most shocking earthquakes in the last century, eyes were turned to the probable Istanbul earthquake and the subject started to be discussed. In this direction; Some evaluations were made in different channels for IGA Istanbul Airport, Turkey's largest infrastructure project. Information given by İsmail Hakkı Polat, Deputy General Manager of IGA Istanbul Airport Planning; that the ground on which the airport is built has been strengthened and that all design processes have been carried out in accordance with earthquakes.

The possible effects of the expected earthquake scenarios in Istanbul on all facilities and structures planned at Istanbul Airport were taken into account during the design stages in 2015. For this purpose, İGA prepared the Istanbul Airport Seismic Hazard Report dated May 2015, and in this process, Boğaziçi University Earthquake Engineering Department Honorary Professor Mustafa Erdik, Earthquake Strengthening Association (DEGÜDER) Chairman Sinan Türkkan and Özyeğin University Civil Engineering Founding Department Head Prof. Dr. He worked with a national and international team under the leadership of Atilla Ansal. In the aforementioned report, site-specific seismic hazard assessment was carried out in order to determine the possible effects of any earthquake that may occur on the source faults for the earthquake hazard; Earthquake loads to be used in the design of floors and buildings were determined specifically for Istanbul Airport.

İGA Istanbul Airport Deputy General Manager for Planning Polat said that the design and construction of IGA Istanbul Airport was completed with the principle of uninterrupted service, under the influence of the DD475 earthquake with a recurrence period of 2 years. “Our criterion is based on the fact that IGA Istanbul Airport was not damaged after the expected Istanbul earthquake and that the principle of uninterrupted use works. In the event of the expected Istanbul earthquake, we carried out our design and construction works within the framework of our earthquake modeling so that operations would not be interrupted in all our buildings, including the terminal, air traffic tower, energy center, RFF stations, and on the air side Runway-Apron-Taxiways,” said Polat; He underlined that the geological structure before the airport was built was changed and made suitable for airport operations, including possible earthquake loads.

Within the scope of TAMP (Turkey Disaster Response Plan) and IRAP (Provincial Risk Reduction Plan) Plans, IGA Istanbul Airport earthquake disaster plan was prepared as a result of the studies with the participation of all public and private institutions operating within the Istanbul Airport.