How old is Berkejuan? Where is he from?

Berke Juan
Berke Juan

How old is Berkejuan? Where is he from, who is his girlfriend? Who is Berke Juan with all the details.

Berke Juan is internationally recognized as a musician, composer and producer. Berke Juan, who has a large fan base, is a pioneer in the Turkish pop music and electronic music world.

Berke Juan's Talents

Berke Juan is considered a versatile musician. He takes place in the music world with his own compositions, productions and performances. One of the most important features of Berke Juan is to create a unique style by combining Turkish pop music and electronic music.

Berke Juan's Musical Background

Berke Juan started his musical career at a very young age. After graduating from primary school, he stepped into music and started to take part in Turkish pop music and electronic music. Berke Juan released his first album at a very young age and managed to expand his fan base.

Berke Juan's Future Plans

Berke Juan plans to continue music and expand his fan base in the future. Berke Juan is on his way to becoming a world-renowned musician.

How old is Berke Juan??

Berke Juan was born on June 17, 2003. In 2023, Berke Juan is 20 years old.

Where Is Berke Juan Originally From?

Berke Juan is originally from Trabzon.

How Tall Is Berke Juan?

Berke Juan's height It is 1.69.

How Many Kilos Is Berke Juan?

Berke Juan's weight is 60.

Berke Juan Which Zodiac Sign?

Berke Juan's zodiac sign It's Gemini.

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