Gold Needle Treatment

what is golden needle
what is golden needle

It has the latest technology that can treat upper and middle skin problems in the same session. golden needle The treatment is carried out by transmitting stable and high-level radio frequency waves under the skin with specially designed micro needles. It provides care from the first session by making controlled deformation in the dermis layer, which stimulates the upper skin and initiates the repair process when entering the skin. It is an application made with medical technology that has developed in recent years in order to obtain a healthier, more vibrant and youthful skin appearance.

In Which Situations Is The Golden Needle Application Performed?

Gold needle is a skin rejuvenation method that has the ability to treat many skin problems. For this reason, its usage area is quite wide. It is used in the treatment of burn scars, weight gain or removal of stretch marks due to pregnancy.

It is also used in removing fine wrinkles, correcting the appearance of neck and jowl cleavage areas, and removing bruises around the eyes. golden needle treatment is applied. The duration of the session may be longer in large work areas such as the treatment of cracks spread over large areas on the legs. For gold needle therapy You can visit the site.

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