A FIFA 23 Career Guide


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How to make the most of your time, money, and players

Every year, EA grows closer and closer to the real-life management of a soccer team. FIFA 23 boasts a robust and realistic system where you train youths, coach players, and scout or trade for more. It can be daunting, even for a virtual team and league. Here are a few tips to make the most of your  FIFA coins and team members.

FIFA 23 Career Mode Tips

Start Strong (Not Necessarily With Your Favorite Team)

Most players would support their favorite real-life team even in the game. This isn’t the best way of going about the career mode in the game. It would be preferable if you instead created your team. FIFA 23 has an extensive system that lets you control many aspects.

For example, if you did choose to support your favorite one, you’ll be bound by its rules and goals, which you cannot change. If you create your team instead, you are the one to decide those things, giving the team better flexibility and more potential.

It will be easier to choose and take in the best players and be more accessible in trading. Some teams would ask to keep specific players or have stricter acceptance policies. Those can hinder the team’s growth instead of facilitating it.

Picking a pre-made team is the hard mode while making a new one is the standard or easy mode.

Find Balance

A player’s (the team member, not you) performance is influenced by fitness, sharpness, and morale. Fitness decides how much energy your player has during games. Sharpness denotes how quick they are in reacting and their effectiveness in games. Training and playing games will increase the latter but decrease the former. The opposite action, resting, reverses that.

Morale increases when you praise the player in press conferences and use them often in games. Ignoring or otherwise belittling them decreases it. It affects overall performance, and the team member would not be effective in games when their morale is low.

Find a balance among these three things, as they significantly boost game performance. Better performance lets you win more games, which means your team is successful.

Keep Track of Contracts and Transfers

There’s nothing worse than leaving your best player’s contract to expire and letting them get poached by another team. Keep an eye on them so you can renew the arrangements you need and trade away the ones you don’t. It’s a kind of housekeeping every so often. Sometimes you forget to train a player or two, or they didn’t live up to expectations.

As for trading players, you can be strict or not in negotiations, which can have pros and cons depending on your preference. You might need help getting players with a strict negotiation window, but any successful trade would be to your specification. A relaxed bidding range will allow you to filter and read through more offers.

The trick is finding the balance between these two options. You don’t want to lack offers, but too many can be as troublesome as too few. The happy medium is the best place to be, where you have options.

You can also make use of the assistant to help you with this. You can set some parameters and a bidding price range, then send them on their way. You’ll receive a message about their success (or lack thereof) a few minutes later.

Scout for New Talents

Scouting is the best way to get recruits for the team. You can scout for your central team or the youth academy. Scouts have two characteristics: experience and judgment. Experience lets them find more potential players, while the other affects their quality.

It’s an integral part of buying new players. Without the scouts’ reports, you won’t know a player’s value and could overpay for them.

Accept High-Potential Players

This tip is related to the above. The reports will say something about the potential of a player. There’s never an exact value given, but the range will be enough to provide you with an idea. You’d want their potential to be in the 80s and 90s, as they will have good prospects in your team.

Note, however, that this value measures a highly variable aspect of players. If they perform well in games, it can go up. The opposite happens when they play poorly or do not meet expectations. Take care of your players so they can meet their potential!

Gameplay Tips

  • Moneymaking

The best way to make money for your FIFA account is to play minor tournaments and trade. For the former, you can use reserve players to keep your leading team in tip-top shape. The games are also an excellent way to see the training results and as a bit of practice for the real thing.

As for the latter, trading players is one of the fastest ways to earn coins. As with any game with an auction house, there’s always the principle of buying low and selling high. You can check the market to see if any players are famous amongst managers and then sell those for a profit.

  • Formations and Tactics

Solid strategies are a must in any game. Your players might be good, but skill alone won’t win matches. Tactics and formations are the bread and butter of games. These will allow the players to play efficiently to their strengths and at their full potential.

Enjoy FIFA 23 Career Mode!

Career mode simulates real life, so it’s no wonder managers can find this difficult. With the management of each member’s health and fitness, the contracts, tactics, formations, FIFA coins, and game performances, they have a lot on their plate. We hope these tips can help you have a smoother career than fumbling blindly.

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