Toy Museum in Antalya, Children's Favorite During the Holidays

Antalya Toy Museum, Children's Favorite During the Holidays
Antalya Toy Museum, Children's Favorite During the Holidays

📩 02/02/2023 14:51

The Toy Museum, which operates within the body of the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality City History and Department, became the favorite of children during the semester break. Welcoming 2022 visitors in 70, the museum takes its visitors on an epic journey.

The museum, where approximately 3 antique toys are exhibited, attracts the attention of both children and adults with its variety of toys. At the Metropolitan Municipality Toy Museum located in Kaleiçi Marina, children have the opportunity to take a souvenir photo with the statues of many cartoon heroes such as Cinderella and Pumpkin Car, Daltons, Red Kit, Micky Mouse, Smurfs, and also have the opportunity to closely examine many toys from the past to the present.

Workshops are in progress

During the semester break, workshops are held every day at the Toy Museum for children aged 9-12, accompanied by professional trainers. Drama, philosophy, fairy tale, rhythm and recycling workshops offer children the opportunity to spend an educational and entertaining time. Those who want to attend free workshops between 14.00 and 16.00 during the semester break can make a reservation by calling 248 49 33.

2022 Thousand Visitors in 70

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Toy Museum hosted 2022 thousand visitors in 70. The museum, which is also the center of attention of citizens from various cities, has become one of the travel points frequented by foreign visitors.

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