Ankara Metropolitan Installed Fixed Shower Areas Converted from Trucks in Kahramanmaraş

Ankara Buyuksehir Kahramanmarasa Established Fixed Shower Areas Converted From Tires
Ankara Metropolitan Installed Fixed Shower Areas Converted from Trucks in Kahramanmaraş

📩 27/02/2023 13:05

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, which has transformed the buses that have completed their useful life to mobile showers, barbershops and laundry facilities and sent them to the earthquake zone, established a shower and laundry center with a capacity of 100 people in Kahramanmaraş.

After the mobile shower trucks converted by ABB reached the region, the hygiene center was activated in the garden of Kahramanmaraş Nurettin Topçu Anatolian High School.

After the earthquakes on February 6, Ankara Metropolitan Municipality took action to solve the hygiene and washing problem, which is one of the biggest needs of the citizens staying in the disaster area.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, which transforms the EGO buses, which have become idle due to the end of their useful life, into mobile showers, boiler rooms, dormitories, barbershops and laundry facilities, and sends them to the earthquake zone, on the one hand, ensures that these vehicles work in the villages and public service points, on the one hand, and on the other hand, the shower and laundry installed in the Kahramanmaraş campus. He also completed his work for the center.


President Mansur Yavaş, who gave information about the shower and laundry center established by ABB through his social media accounts, used the following statements:

“After the mobile bus shower, laundry and barbershop, our shower and laundry center, which we converted from trucks and fixed in our Kahramanmaraş campus, starts its operations tomorrow (today). With our center with a capacity of 100 people at the same time, we will largely solve the hygiene problem of the city.”


Ankara Metropolitan Municipality established shower areas in Kahramanmaraş with a capacity of 50 people at the same time, with 100 people each in the men's and women's sections. For the shower area, which is planned to consist of a total of 10 trucks, 4 trucks that have been converted have arrived in Kahramanmaraş.

There are sinks, shampoo, soap and hair dryers in the Mobile Shower Trucks, which have been converted by considering the needs of earthquake victims and have a water capacity of 8 tons, and mobile phone charging station service is also provided.

Fixed showers converted from trucks will serve at the ABB Earthquake Coordination Center established at Nurettin Topçu Anatolian High School in Yavuz Selim District of Dulkadiroğlu district of Kahramanmaraş.