Tourism in Ordu Spread to 12 Months

Tourism in Ordu Spreads to the Moon
Tourism in Ordu Spread to 12 Months

Metropolitan Mayor Dr. Started under the leadership of Mehmet Hilmi Güler, winter tourism has come a long way in Ordu, and tourism has spread to 12 months by evaluating Ordu's potential resources.

Expressing on every platform that Ordu has offered important opportunities in eco, nature and winter tourism since the day he took office, and that this potential should be unleashed, Mayor Güler made the city a place to live for 12 months with the works he started. President Güler, who made Ordu, which is an inactive city especially in the winter months, flock to the springs where the snow finds 50-60 cm in places, showed that the city is a place to live for 3 months, not 12 months, and succeeded in spreading tourism over 12 months.


Ordu highlands, which are among the preferred places for those who want to get away from the city and witness the natural beauties in the summer season, have been turned into a favorite of winter tourism, not just places to visit in summer, together with President Güler.

Ordu plateaus, which have the potential to compete with tourism areas such as Palandöken, Uludağ and Erciyes, which are among the important names for winter tourism in Turkey, have been activated with investments and projects.

Kabadüz Çambaşı Plateau with its ski resort, Aybastı Thursday Plateau famous for its meanders, Mesudiye Keyfalan, Akkuş Argan, Gölköy Uluvahta Plateaus with its natural beauties were filled with investments and winter festivals organized by Ordu Metropolitan Municipality. Thus, Ordu has made a remarkable progress in winter tourism.


With the arrival of the winter season, the snow that turns the plateaus white and the winter festivals organized by the Metropolitan Municipality started to host local and foreign tourists this year. The people of Ordu were brought together with the festivals that started with Çambaşı Plateau; The guests enjoyed the snow with various activities such as winter sports, concerts, and local delicacies.

With the festivals that will continue in the coming days, the people of Ordu will be brought together in the highlands. In this context, Winter Festivals will be held on Gölköy Uluvahta Plateau on February 5, on Akkuş Argan Plateau on February 12, on Korgan Korgan Plateau on February 19 and on Aybastı Thursday Plateau on February 26.

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