Attention to Factors Harmful to the Skin!

Attention to Factors Harmful to the Skin
Attention to Factors Harmful to the Skin!

Nowadays, beauty and youthful appearance are very important. It is necessary to take the right steps for skin health and beauty. There are some factors that pave the way for skin problems and aging. Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery Specialist Op.Dr.Bilgehan Aydın gave important information about the subject.

Consuming Salty Foods

Consuming too much salty food can cause the skin to become dehydrated. Excess sodium consumed absorbs moisture from the skin and causes the skin to dry and turn pale.

Excess and Rapid Weight Gain and Loss

The skin is a flexible organ, so it can adapt to physical changes that occur over time. However, skin elasticity cannot adapt to changes such as rapid weight loss or rapid weight gain in a short time. As a result, sagging and cracks occur in the body. It causes an aged appearance.

Washing the Face Too Frequent

The skin has an oil balance. Washing the face frequently for cleaning the skin may cause the deterioration of this natural balance.

Sleeping Without Remove Makeup

Make-up should not be applied on top of each other during the day. Make-up should not stay on the face for a long time. Make-up should be removed, especially before going to bed. You should sleep with a clean skin. .

Rubbing the Eyes

When the eyes are itchy, tired or sleepy, rubbing the eyes is a gesture that most people do.

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