Another Important Stage Completed in the 3rd Unit of Akkuyu NPP

Another Important Stage Completed in Akkuyu NPP Unit
Another Important Stage Completed in the 3rd Unit of Akkuyu NPP

In the reactor compartment of the 3rd unit of Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant (NGS), the installation of the cantilever beam, which is an important part of the core holder equipment, has been completed. With this process, the cantilever beam was placed in its design position below the reactor shaft.

The cantilever beam is made of special carbon steel weighing 180 tons, 9,5 m in diameter and 2,3 m high. The console, which took 1 business day to install and 17 days to assemble, has a service life of at least 60 years.

The main tasks of the cantilever beam include water supply, steam removal, ventilation, arrangement of passages for measuring devices, inspection and inspection of the condition of the core holder. Gas discharge pipelines installed in the beam ensure the circulation of saturated steam, helping the pressure in the core sleeve not to exceed the permissible values.

The beam also acts as a support for other structural elements such as the baffle plate and the reactor's dry shield. The equipment will provide access to the air supply collector, dry protection, cooling of the baffle plate and access to the maintenance area through the core arrester during inspections or repair work in the reactor building.

Akkuyu Nuclear Inc. Sergey Butckikh, First Deputy General Manager and Director of Construction, said: “The assembly of the cantilever beam was completed within the time specified in the construction plan, and the installation of the bottom plate, another large-scale part of the core holder, will follow. The works are carried out by experienced experts as planned. The same equipment was installed in the first and second units," he said.

Construction and assembly works at Akkuyu NPP site continue in all main and auxiliary facilities, including 4 power units, coastal hydrotechnical structures, power distribution system, administrative buildings, training center and NPP physical protection facilities. All stages of construction at the Akkuyu NPP site are closely followed by independent inspection organizations and the Nuclear Regulatory Authority (NDK), the national regulatory agency.

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