81-2022 Education Second Half Year Circular to 2023 Provincial Governorships

Education Second Semester Circular to the Provincial Governorship
81-2022 Education Second Half Year Circular to 2023 Provincial Governorships

A circular was sent to 81 provincial governorships by the Ministry of Interior on “Public Security and Traffic Measures to be Taken in the Second Half of the 2022-2023 Academic Year”.

In the circular, it was stated that it is important to maintain the pre-school, primary and secondary education, which will start on February 6, 2023, in an environment of peace and security, to prevent all kinds of negativities that children and young people may be exposed to in school environments, and to increase traffic safety, and the following measures are listed.

School Buses To Be Inspected During The Next Week

According to the circular, under the chairmanship of the governors and district governors, with the participation of the relevant stakeholders; school bus transportation activities will be carried out regularly and safely, problems encountered in the operation of school bus vehicles will be solved, a meeting will be held before the start of the academic year, and necessary cooperation and coordination will be ensured.

Additional measures will be planned in these regions within the framework of risk analysis assessments regarding accidents in school environments. Inspections for school busses will be carried out uninterruptedly throughout the week, based on the opening dates of educational institutions, and planned inspections will continue throughout the academic year.

Additional Teams and Personnel will be Assigned

In addition, team/personnel will be assigned to take the necessary traffic measures at school entrance and exit times, in front of the school, around and on its routes by contacting the school administrations.

In order to warn drivers before pedestrians and school crossings, to slow down in order to increase their attention and give pedestrians the first right of way, "Pedestrian First" images will be drawn in the direction of vehicles' approach to all unlit school and pedestrian crossings, and old and deleted images will be renewed.

Traffic Rules Awareness Trainings Will Continue

Our Ministry will continue to carry out the campaign "Safe Traffic in 5 Steps for Pedestrians" effectively in school circles in order to raise public awareness. The trainings to be given in schools with the Mobile Traffic Training Truck will be coordinated with the Provincial Directorates of National Education and planned in advance, and the studies for the modernization of the children's traffic training parks and the realization of the traffic training parks in the provinces where there are no parks will continue with support.

Efforts to reduce the maximum speed limit to 30 km/h will be carried out meticulously in places such as schools, hospitals, shopping centers, where pedestrians are dense or where the traffic flow poses a risk to pedestrians, and on the streets, streets and routes around these places.

Security Measures Will Be Increased in Priority Schools, Demolition of Derelict Buildings Around Schools Will Continue

The circular emphasized the importance of taking protective and preventive measures to make schools safer. In this context; In order to maximize security in schools, especially in schools with priority degrees, the operability of security cameras installed in schools will be checked and their integration into the Urban Security Management System (KGYS) will be completed. Derelict buildings and structures that are considered to have a negative impact on the education and training environment will be demolished.

The Struggle Against Drugs and Stimulant Substances in School Environments Will Continue

Regarding school safety, the fight against drugs and stimulants, and other issues, before the education period, district governors, provincial police chief, provincial gendarmerie commander, if any, representative of the coast guard command, school administrators, school-parent union presidents, Green Crescent representative, drugs A preparatory meeting will be held with the participation of personnel who are experts in combating the epidemic and other stakeholders who will be deemed appropriate in the field of education. Necessary measures will be taken to prevent the sale, transportation and possession of substances such as alcohol, cigarettes/open cigarettes, tobacco, and other items such as sharps, piercings, and injurers that may cause students to acquire bad habits and lead them to crime in and around the school.

In order to protect students against substance abuse and other harmful habits, there are bars, coffee shops, cafes, internet lounges, markets, buffets, parks, gardens, etc. around schools in coordination with other institutions. General security practices and inspections will be carried out in public areas with Children, Narkotim, Public Security and other needed teams.

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