Süleyman Çelebi Exhibition Opened at the Museum of Turkish and Islamic Arts

Suleyman Celebi Exhibition Opened at Turkish and Islamic Art Museum
Süleyman Çelebi Exhibition Opened at the Museum of Turkish and Islamic Arts

The “Suleyman Çelebi Exhibition”, prepared within the framework of the “Bursa 2022 Cultural Capital of the Turkic World” events, met with art lovers in Istanbul.

75 works were exhibited in the exhibition held at the Turkish and Islamic Arts Museum (TİEM) in Sultanahmet by Bursa Maturation Institute with the contributions of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality. In the exhibition, besides the paintings reflecting the art of calligraphy, illumination, miniature and marbling, leather panels, hand-painted paintings, canvas painting, plane leaves and wooden reliefs and works reflecting the culture of the period were also attracted attention. In the exhibition, a selection from the collection, which was woven and designed in the workshop of Bursa Maturation Institute, inspired by the clothes of the state officials and the people in social life of the period in which Süleyman Çelebi lived, was presented to the visitors.

“We tried to reflect it with his works”

Bursa Maturation Institute Director Nilüfer Karakoç said that the exhibited works were the result of nearly a year's work of teachers, artists and master trainers working at the institute. Karakoç stated that his work attracted attention last year as it was both “Bursa 2022 Capital of Culture of the Turkic World” and the year of Süleyman Çelebi, and said, “Today, we carried these events we held in Bursa to Istanbul. We presented these works to art lovers in order to reflect Süleyman Çelebi, one of the important and ancient values ​​not only of Bursa, but also of Islam and Turkey, with his works and culture of the period in every field.” said.

“Loyalty to our city”

Karakoç emphasized that the works carefully produced as a result of the works carried out in different fields are included in the exhibition and must be seen, and said: “As long as we attach importance and value to our ancient values, they will continue to live longer. We created these works with a sense of loyalty to our city, our city and our city's values. For the continuity of this, we want art lovers to come and examine and see our works.”

TİEM Manager Ekrem Aytar, Beylerbeyi Sabancı Maturation Institute Manager Nazan Alpural, Beyoğlu Refia Övüç Maturation Institute Manager Hatice Pamukoğlu as well as many artists and art lovers attended the opening.

The exhibition, which was previously displayed at Muradiye Quran and Manuscripts Museum and Tayyare Cultural Center in Bursa, can be visited at TİEM until 19 January.

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