What is the History of Rami Barracks? Where is Rami Barracks? How to Get to Rami Barracks?

What Is The History Of The Rami Barracks Where Is The Rami Barracks How To Go
What is the History of Rami Barracks Where is Rami Barracks How to Go to Rami Barracks

📩 10/01/2023 11:08

President Erdoğan also spoke about the opening of the Rami Barracks Library in his statement after the last Cabinet Meeting. Research has begun for this work, which will become the national library of Istanbul. Where is the Rami Barracks, how to get there, when is the opening? The building, which has been standing with a history of more than 250 years, will be put into service as a library. Excitement is at its peak for the building that will be the largest library in the city.


Rami Barracks (aka Asâkir-i Mansure-i Muhammediye Barracks) is a historical building with more than 250 years of history located in Eyüpsultan district of Istanbul. Located within the borders of Eyüp – Rami, Rami Barracks or “Rami Farm Barracks”, as it is known in the archive records, was first built in III. It was built during the reign of Mustafa (1757-1774).

During the reign of Mahmut II, it was renovated and enlarged in 2-1828. Afterwards, the 1829nd Mahmud, who abolished the Janissary Corps, named his newly formed army 'Asakir-i Mansure-i Muhammediye (Muhammad, the soldiers who received the help of Allah). Since the janissary barracks in Levent were destroyed by artillery fire, the soldiers of the newly established army were placed in the Rami Barracks. “It was named after him.


Rami Barracks, which also served the army during the Republican period, was transferred to the Istanbul Municipality by the General Staff in the early 1980s, on the condition that it be a resting and resting area. The 1st Army soldiers inside the barracks were moved to the newly built barracks outside of Istanbul, the Rami Barracks were evacuated and delivered to the municipality in a ready-to-use condition.


Istanbul Municipality, which took over the barracks, which has an area of ​​220 thousand square meters in the heart of Istanbul, first converted the giant building of the barracks into a cultural center, and the large area where the soldiers trained in a park, swimming pools, football, basketball, etc. He prepared projects to build sports fields. However, in 1986, the Mayor of the time, Bedrettin Dalan, temporarily allocated the Barracks to the food wholesalers, on the condition that it is a new resting and resting area like Gülhane Park, where Istanbul will breathe. For a long time, food vendors were found in the historical building.


As a result of the decision taken by the Istanbul Municipality, the restoration works of the Rami Barracks will be started and it will be used as a museum and library. The empty part in the middle of the barracks will be afforested by forest planting method.


President Erdogan used the following statements on the subject: “Our Rami Barracks, which will be opened on Friday, will be the national library of Istanbul. I invite all opposition. We are inaugurating one of the biggest European libraries in Istanbul. I hope history stands up again with its architecture.

The map location of Rami Barracks is as follows;

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