Kızılay Culture and Art Publications Will Bring Many Works To The Readers

Kizilay Kultur Art Publications Will Bring Many Works To The Readers
Kızılay Culture and Art Publications Will Bring Many Works To The Readers

📩 12/01/2023 12:37

Kızılay brings its readers together with Kızılay Culture and Art Publications, which includes its 154 years of historical accumulation and the approach of many important writers to today's problems.

The Red Crescent, which has been trying to relieve the human suffering caused by disasters and conflicts in our country and all over the world since its establishment on June 11, 1868, aims to carry its one and a half century experience and its goodness that touches human life in different geographies to much wider circles through art. Introductory meeting held at Istanbul Health Sciences University, 15 July Martyrs' Conference Hall, Mekteb-i Tıbbiye-i Şahane Hamidiye Complex; Red Crescent President Dr. Kerem Kınık, Kızılay General Manager Dr. İbrahim Altan brought together members of the Red Crescent Board of Directors, representatives of the publishing world and readers.

“We will try to carry out a publishing policy that puts people in its focus”

Making evaluations about the publishing and art activities of the Red Crescent for 154 years, the President of the Red Crescent Dr. Kerem Kınık said, “We are presenting our culture and art publications with a new face in order to share the universal knowledge of humanity with humanity. You will see a wide variety of content. It will publish in a wide variety of fields, from scientific frameworks to popular technological publishing to literature and poetry. We will try to carry out a publishing policy that is totally needed by our people, that tries to strengthen it, supports it, and raises awareness, which does this by starting from the disaster, humanitarian aid and human health fields of the Red Crescent, but tries to encompass the whole ecosystem and its framework and puts people in its focus. ” he said.

“All of our broadcasts will be free”

Kınık said, “We have many publications. This is a treasure that one person or a group of academics cannot afford. So this treasure needs a little more universal energy. We are also trying to create academic attraction. We will give our best support. We have a very serious archive. In this archive, we still have many documents that deserve to be researched and to convey that information to today's humanity. We look forward to the interest of our academics. We are waiting for everyone who has a word, thinks well, thinks deeply, and says that I can contribute. We will give away all of our publications for free. Everyone will have access to this content," he said.

Kızılay Culture and Art Publications, which has inspiring works in its field; It will publish books that deal with its activities in the field of disaster, humanitarian aid and public health in a historical, literary, scientific and cultural context, as well as translated and copyrighted books. From the books made up of the notes kept by the first nurses and midwives of our country, to the book written by Enis Batur, from the book “One Dolu Anatolian”, edited by Journalist Faculty Member Safure Cantürk and telling the stories of many important journalists about the immigrants, the President of the Red Crescent Dr. A number of publications, up to the work written by Kerem Kınık, are presented to the attention of readers and researchers for the first time.

“Orphan Turks in the Balkans”, “From Pleven to Erzurum Under the Order of the Red Crescent”, “The Burden of the Balkans”, “Migration from the Balkans to Turkey”, “How Super Cool Technology Works”, “War from the Artistic Minister” , “Adnan Adıvar”, “Besim Ömer Pasha”, “Safiye Hüseyin Elbi”, “Yusuf Akçura” and “The Other Exile” are among the 14 books prepared for publication in the first place.

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