Who is Jehan Barbur, where is he from and how old is he? Jehan Barbur Songs

Who is Jehan Barbur Where is he from and how old is Jehan Barbur Songs
Who is Jehan Barbur, Where is he from and how old is Jehan Barbur Songs

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Jehan Istiklal Barbur (born April 12, 1980; Beirut, Lebanon) is a Turkish singer-songwriter of Christian Arab descent. The artist, who moved to Istanbul from Ankara to start his professional music career in 2002, first took part in different groups as a vocalist with pop and jazz repertoires. With the reference of Bülent Ortaçgil, he signed with Ada Music. In 2009, her first studio album, Wake Up, was released. In 2010, he continued his music career with his second album Hayat. He released the albums Sarı in 2012, While You Never Have Anymore in 2014, and Evim Neresi in 2017. In 2018, the maxi single "Kuzgunu Uçmak" was released, in 2019 the single "I'm afraid I'll say" and in 2019 the single "İki Keklik" was released. He recorded a total of 7 albums and a lot of singles.

Jehan Barbur, whose family lives in Iskenderun, was born in Beirut because of his mother's opinion that medical conditions were more favorable in Beirut. Returning to Iskenderun, where he would spend his entire childhood immediately after his birth, Barbur resided in Iskenderun until his university education in Ankara. He had an interest in music since childhood. However, because his father did not allow the conservatory, he settled in the Department of American Culture and Literature at Bilkent University, Faculty of Humanities and Letters, on a scholarship. During his university years, he was interested in theater and music as an amateur. He graduated in 2002.

After graduating from university, he settled in Istanbul to step into his professional music career. When he moved, he had no acquaintances in the market. He went to live music venues and tried to meet musicians. After a two-year search, he started making live music with a band. He performed at the same venue for four years. During his stay here, he created a fan base of his own. Meanwhile, he started to write lyrics by establishing an amateur studio in his house. Later, she met Bülent Ortaçgil through a friend.

After listening to their demo, Bülent Ortaçgil liked his words and said that he should release an album. However, Jehan Barbur had no intention of releasing an album beforehand. With Ortaçgil's involvement and the support of his musician friends, he began to view the album event positively. After a while Ortaçgil suggested the name of Ada Music. After six months of studio work, his first album, Uyan, was released with two thousand copies. After her album was released, her songs such as "Gidersen", "Leyla" and "Why" topped the Top 10 charts of some music channels for a few weeks.

He sang songs for the TV series Asi and Sır Gibi. She sang one of the songs of the Night Voices series with Özgür Çevik. She wrote the lyrics for the song “Şermin”, which is included in Zuhal Olcay's album Aşk'ın Halleri.

He sang the song Dirty Scream, written by Cem Karaca and composed by Volkan Başaran, which was included in the Kuzgun'u Flying EP, with Can Bonomo, and Onur Mehame directed the video clip.

On December 1, 2019, the 10th Art Year Concert was held at Beşiktaş Cultural Center for the benefit of Uğur Mumcu Investigative Journalism Foundation. Although it was the 17th anniversary of his debut, it was celebrated as the 10th anniversary concert on the grounds of the release date of his first album. Onur Mehame directed the concert recordings. The concert was accompanied by names such as Zuhal Olcay, Bülent Ortaçgil, Cahit Berkay, Gürol Ağırbaş, Birsen Tezer, Ceylan Ertem, Emre Kınay, Cem Adrian, Derya Köroğlu, Tuna Kiremitçi. Politician Güldal Mumcu, sculptor Zeynep Homan and writer Mine Söğüt also took the stage as speakers.


  • Wake up (2009)
  • Life (2010)
  • Yellow (2012)
  • When You're Never Here (2014)
  • Where is my home (2017)
  • I'm afraid to say (2019)
  • Flying the Raven (2018)
  • “Give Yourself Time” (2014)
  • “Two Partridges” (2019)
  • "Sorry" (2019)
  • “No / I Couldn't Get Enough” (2020)
  • “The Rite” (with Korhan Futacı) (2020)
  • “Crime” (2021)
  • “What Happened” (2021)
  • “There Are Good Things” (2022)
  • “Patience” (Respect Album: Bergen) (2022)
  • “Sunny Garden” (with Mehmet Güreli) (2022)
  • “The Foreigner” (with Erkan Oğur and Alp Ersönmez) (2022)
  • “Autumn Winds” (with Ceylan Ertem) (Do you hear?) (2022)

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