The One Who Gets His Report Card Runs To The Ice Rink In İzmir

Receives the Report Card Run to the Ice Rink in Izmir
The One Who Gets His Report Card Runs To The Ice Rink In İzmir

📩 21/01/2023 12:05

Young people and children, who took advantage of the closure of schools, breathed in the Olympic ice sports hall of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. The track, where those who bring their report cards can ski for free, was full of people who skid on ice from the stress of a whole period.

Ice Sports Hall, put into service by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality in Aşık Veysel Recreation Area, once again hosted students who are on their semester break. The little ones and young people who got their report cards took their breath on the ice rink. The number of people using the ice sports rink, which has become one of the favorite places of families in Izmir, doubled with the closure of schools.

break holiday gift

Sports trainer Neşe Hünerli, who stated that İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Youth and Sports Services Department did the sessions free of charge by giving gifts to the children in the first week of the semester break, like every other year, said, “As soon as the children received their report cards, they immediately ran to the ice rink. There is an incredible density here. We are also trying to serve our children. All students who bring their parents' consent can attend one of the 13.00, 14.00 and 15.00 sessions free of charge.

The ice rink is so much fun!

4th grade student Ada Karabulak said that as soon as she received her report card, she came to the ice rink of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and said, “Normally, I love to skate here, but because of my school, I can't find the opportunity to come. There are many figures that I have learned. I will try to come here every day during the break and improve myself even more”.

High school student Sıla Selçuk said, “I live in Menemen. I love this place. It's really beautiful and fun at the same time. The staff take great care of us. They're very funny. I love skating since I was a kid and I come to the ice rink from time to time. Whoever comes here for the first time falls, but no one should be afraid of falling. "The ice rink is a lot of fun," he said.
3rd year student Eylül Hazal Fingerless said, “This is my second time here. When I first came, I had a lot of fun and I really enjoyed ice skating. When I got the report cards, my family wanted to surprise me. I told them to take me to the ice rink. Good thing we came here,” she said.

Primary and secondary school students will be able to benefit from the sessions from 23 to 27 between 13.00-15.00 January.

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