IMM's Half Term Entertainment in Kemerburgaz

IBB's Half Term Entertainment in Kemerburgaz
IMM's Half Term Entertainment in Kemerburgaz

İBB Kemerburgaz City Forest makes you live the enthusiasm of the semester holiday to the fullest. Various activities are organized from the ice rink to the adventure park, from the carousel to the bike tours. The 459-year-old Mağlova Aqueduct, located in Kemerburgaz City Forest, awaits its visitors.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) continues to color the children's semester break. Kemerburgaz City Forest, Turkey's largest outdoor activity area, hosts many enjoyable activities during the semester as well. It offers family fun with its carousel, ice rink, adventure park, playgrounds, motocross, tennis courts, walking and cycling tracks, crossfit and functional fitness areas.


There are special tracks for children in the Adventure Park, which is the center of attention for everyone, young and old. For adults, in the forest where there are different activities such as Bumper Boat, VR Games, Children's Train, Horse Riding; There are Rope Track, Zipline, Human Slingshot, Zipline Roller Coaster, Climbing Wall and free fall tracks.

In addition, Turkey's largest double-decker carousel awaits its visitors in Kemerburgaz Urban Forest. The ice rink, which offers a pleasant experience intertwined with nature, attracts the attention of adults as well as children. There is also the opportunity to take private lessons by experienced trainers at the ice rink, where the family will have a pleasant time.

Halftime Entertainment in Kemerburgaz


A surprise awaits visitors to Orman. The Mağlova Aqueduct, built by Mimar Sinan 459 years ago to deliver the Kırkçeşme Waterway System to Istanbul, was opened to visitors. Continuing to carry water to Istanbul, the aqueduct has a height of 37 meters and a length of 257 meters.

In the forest, which has a total area of ​​5,5 million square meters, there is also the opportunity to travel with battery-operated bicycles. Kemerburgaz City Forest, where restaurants and cafes are located, awaits all its visitors.


IMM, which offers various activities to the students during the semester break, did not forget the book-loving children. Books are given as gifts to primary school students who bring their report cards to the Istanbul Bookstore owned by Kültür AŞ. The campaign includes the books The Little Prince, Sadako, Broken Pot, Island, Math Novel 1: Istanbul in Search of Codes, One Peach Thousand Peaches, Nature Council Let Forests Burn, The Tale of Love, The Little Black Fish and The Happy Prince. The campaign will continue until 6 February.

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