Be Sensitive While Adopting Animals and Selective When Adopting

Be Precise While Adopting an Animal, Be Selective While Adopting
Be Sensitive While Adopting Animals and Selective When Adopting

Üsküdar University Medical Directorate Laboratory Responsible Manager Veterinarian Burcu Çevreli shared the points to be considered while feeding stray animals.

Veterinarian Burcu Çevreli, stating that dogs are considered to be the first animal species to be domesticated when we look at the history of domestic animals, said, “However, exactly when, why and how domestication took place is still debated. Archaeological evidence shows that dogs first became distinguishable from wolves in appearance 14 years ago. We can say that domestic cats are one of the most popular pets worldwide. However, little is known about the domestication of cats. "Early evidence of a human-cat relationship comes from a wildcat that was buried next to a human in Cyprus 9 years ago, while the oldest domesticated cats appear in Egyptian art dating back only 500 years." used his statements.

Emphasizing that all animals are born equal and have the right to live within the framework of the provisions of the law, Veterinarian Burcu Çevreli said, “According to the Animal Protection Law No. 5199, the definition of pets is that they are kept at home, workplaces or in the field for special attention and companionship, and their care and responsibility is provided by their owners. It is mentioned about our pet friends who are vaccinated and fed with periodic health checks. It is very important that they are marked with chips, that we are the owners of our animals under our responsibility, that the relevant ministry can follow up, that they can be easily found in case of loss, that their vaccination, surgery and treatment histories can be traced.” said.

Reminding that our mute adopted friends are also a part of our living space, Veterinarian Burcu Cevreli said, “Making sacrifice when necessary, patiently teaching him our life rules and sharing our love, and knowing that every living thing needs attention are among the characteristics that should be found in people who will adopt animals. There are important things to consider when adopting a pet. 'Can I take responsibility for this creature? Do I have an area suitable for his living conditions? Can I meet his physical and emotional needs? Do other family members in the household want to adopt a new friend? Am I ready to be with the creature that will adopt it in infancy, childhood, adulthood and old age?' If the answer is 'yes', this means that we can really make a friend, not just a passing fad.” used his statements.

Veterinarian Burcu Çevreci emphasized that it is necessary to be selective when choosing people to adopt animals and concluded her words as follows:

“Has he had a pet before? Is he aware of his needs? Does she want to be a roommate with such beautiful and special creatures and collect memories with them? Does the owner have a known allergic disease to animals? Is there another pet in the house? Will he be able to adapt to the new creature? Can I take measures to prevent the harm and inconvenience caused to the environment by adopted animals? Can I do regular health checks? Getting positive answers to questions and being able to continue communication for follow-up should form the criteria for adoption. Millions of stray animals are struggling for survival on the streets or in shelters all over Turkey and the world. Do not buy, own and abandon such special and magnificent creatures!”

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