E-scooter Road Project to Start from Bornova

E scooter Road Project will start from Bornova
E-scooter Road Project to Start from Bornova

📩 20/01/2023 14:32

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has designed a special road for electric scooters, a new transportation vehicle that is increasing in number. For the road that will provide safe and uninterrupted transportation of e-scooters, the shore of Bornova Stream was chosen as a pilot area.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality will implement a new project for the safe use of electric scooters, the number of which has been increasing recently, and their integration into transportation. A two-stage project was prepared for the safe and uninterrupted transportation of e-scooters on the shore of Bornova Stream, which was selected as the pilot region. It is aimed to complete the 7,5 km phase of the e-scooter road, which will have a total length of 4 km, in 2023. The e-scooter road line will start with Körfez Bicycle Road and continue until EVKA 3 metro station.

Bornova E scooter Road Project

Solutions to traffic problems will be found via e-scooters.

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor, who stated that they will find solutions to the problems in traffic with the addition of electric scooters, which have been increasingly used recently, to the bicycle density. Tunç Soyer“The streams connecting to the city and the gulf from the rural areas of İzmir will present a new transportation model to us, thanks to their sloping routes. We will design e-scooter roads by combining green and blue corridors. We will show the first example of this with the corridor we will implement on the Bornova Stream. Thus, transit roads to be created for micro-mobile vehicles via streams will offer a cheap and environmentally friendly alternative to congested traffic, and will provide safe and comfortable transportation. Along with the Blue-Green Corridor project on Bornova Stream, the interaction of the citizens with water will be increased with the landscape opportunities to be created along the green and blue corridor at the same time.”

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